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  1. ratdeath & MikeyD, thanks for your clarifications. @ratdeath Thank you, Judge. As you are the Law, I will not question you. Ever. I'm a good Citizen! Please, believe me! ;o)
  2. Hello everyone, Now that my dreams are close to become true (a Cold War Combat Mission Game!!! Yay!), I'm ready to preorder the beast. I have two questions for clarification. 1) Licensing If I understand correctly, if I buy CMCW from Battlefront through my BF account, I will have a BF license key as soon as the game is released (somewhere in april, hopefully ;o), and a Steam key later on (around june). I suppose that the Steam key will be available via my Slitherine account, as it has been for CMSF2 & CMBS (so, basically, 3 keys and 3 ways to download and play game). Am I correct? 2) Manual From what I have understood, the manual that you can order is only the CM Engine v4.00 manual, not the CMCW Manual introducing the game (including the tutorial walkthrough) and describing formations & equipements, and the Scen Design AAR pdf (included in as every others BF CM games). So, if I already own the CM Engine v4.00 manual (which I do, of course ;o), I don't need this. Am I correct too? Thanks for your kind answers. Q'Xel P.S. : I'm not a native english speaker & writer, so, please forgive any grammar mistakes.
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