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  1. This somtimes happens with my game too. Maybe half the time after starting the game the screen grays out and the Windows "app not responding" message pops up. If I hit the close program option and then restart CMBS it starts fine. Windows 7 AMD 8320 3.5 ghz processor 8 gig ram Gforce 760gtx all latest drivers.
  2. I have also noticed the AI picking a lot of SAM's and snipers in QB's lately(have seen it only with Russia). The QB force selection and deployment can at times be less than optimal. But, It's MUCH better than previous titles. Thanks for that Ian.
  3. I just wanted to chime in to say I'm also having this problem. Just seems to be on the BMP-2M. From around 75m+ the model looks fine. Move in closer than that, it turns into a BMP-2. Win7 Pro AMD FX 8320 3.5ghz GeForce GTX 760 driver 350.12 8 GB ram On the workaround above. How do I "rezeplode" the 100c.brz file?
  4. Just wanted to give another big Thank You! Can't wait to see more! On a side note. Can anyone tell me how to take screenshots in Black Sea? It's not as simple as the normal "print screen" key is it?
  5. Thank you for making these. They look amazing! But, It looks like the download site link is broken.
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