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  1. No offense is intended here because the game makers and Mac support seem to work hard for their money. Anyway good point about not downloading from unknown sources so the file is now removed. But this patch issue has been the biggest hassle with the game, and it's a little unfathomable to me why the route for getting out patches on the Mac is so weak. It seems like there are a lot better alternatives than these PITA mirrors the company is using. We gamers try to be resourceful and pick up the slack if we have to, but it's not desirable.
  2. Wonderjeep, if you want to approach this systematically, you could download this known GOOD patch that I put up (Mac only): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4069571/Combat%20Mission%20Battle%20for%20Normandy%201.01%20Patch-%20WORKS.pkg.zip When you are installing, and it asks for the installation destination, choose the hard disk icon and then you should see a button for choosing the right folder--just to make sure it's going to the right place. If the game still doesn't work, I would delete it, reinstall and use the known good patch, then try it again. Hope this helps.
  3. It seems that some of the updated Mac patches didn't get properly updated at some of the mirrors that first go around, so I didn't actually have the proper patch. Application of the proper patch DID solve the problem, even on an existing saved game, so thanks very much to Phil for helping me work out that issue speedily. The key to know if you have the right patch, as others have mentioned, is seeing the LOS digits, etc. in white at the lower right corner of the map.
  4. My patches show 50,895,998 bytes and 50,484,282 bytes, respectively. I'm starting to wonder if not all the updated patches have really been updated at the downloading sites because they are different sizes even now.
  5. One I just downloaded from ePrison is 7/21/11. Others I've tried are from 7/20/11. Will send save game.
  6. Running into the same problem. Tried a reinstall and using only the most recent patch, but that didn't help. Haven't found a solution yet.
  7. Thanks, our lawyers have been up working on it all night, and my opponent has been using the vague threat of "a disturbance in the financial markets" to wear me down, but it appears we have reached an agreement where I can use mixed forces against his infantry-only. So look for a rally in the S&P, and mayhem on the battlefield.
  8. Yes, it's true my opponent is cruel and exploitative. And I have begun to fear he may even be lurking on this forum. I better go.
  9. Thanks, all. Your collective wisdom is now incorporated into a comprehensive approach that will insure victory!
  10. About 2100 points. Standard rarity. But I'm looking for a not too specific recommendations, just point in the right direction.
  11. I need some help picking troops because my opponent is severely good. So were giving me a bonus in my troops, plus I get American mech infantry and he only gets German infantry. (Map: Attk Small Forest QB-102; prison is the objective; nice map.) I'm going to have to battle my way through those woods, or into the town North of the prison, then take the prison. My opponent has a very good knowledge of unit behavior, so whatever is best for the attack, he will probably have the proper counter. However, he is limited to infantry, but that does include artillery, air support, and fortifications, s
  12. I think one of the best tips I read early on was about double-clicking your company HQ (or other HQ) to highlight a bunch of troops, then giving them all cover arcs. I hate it when they glimpse someone across the map and pop off a shot. I struggle with effectively using mortars. They are the biggest pain to, as someone said, work into the momentum of the game. They are always out of communication, taking forever to set up, doing their hair-- whatever, half the time I can't get the prima-donna's to do any work.
  13. Those are good points you made in favor of limiting pre-planned barrages. I had allowed it for an attacker, but I see what you are saying about the defender having no good way to ride it out. I guess it depends, too, on what kind of game someone wants--an easy win with large explosions and flesh everywhere, or a sophisticated affair where you deftly and subtly engage your opponent while discussing Sun Tzu's "Art of War" and sipping tea with an upturned pinkie.
  14. Funny how adding one "human" element changes the tactical picture and decision making. I guess if that's the case, then I'd have to give the edge in a battle to an army that shuts off that moral imperative. But then again, if every guy is thinking, "Yikes, no one here has got my back," it might make for a demoralized army. Not sure how it works in real life.
  15. Ahhh, you are right, you can do that in the editor. Since all the included scenarios are at least 30 minutes and QB's have to be at least 30 minutes, I assumed you couldn't do less. Some of the shorter ones I've played in the past with a very quick, limited objective were fun, so maybe people will make some.
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