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  1. Solution: works OK in windowed mode, crashes in full-screen mode. Holman/Martyr: thanks for the help!
  2. This game stopped working after a Win10 update (not sure which one). Still works on Win7. It's a good game with great mods. Is it working for anyone on Win10? Did you have to do anything special to make it run under Win10? I tried the compatibility settings without success.
  3. I understand how Strategiclayabout feels about the price, I was more than surprised to see a price reduction on the bundle just a little more than a month after AoC was released. However, the $5 is going to an excellent cause: supporting the best 20th century strategic wargames available. If Hubert and Battlefront don't have our economic support, we won't have SC games (including the upcoming SC3). If you haven't checked out their competition lately, I suggest you do so. (I'm intentionally not naming names or mentioning problems with the competition.) After you check it out, you'll be glad y
  4. I agree with you that SC1 is still a great game. In response to your request for slightly more realism, have you tried SC2 Blitzkrieg? I personally find myself playing SC2 Weapons and Warfare because I personally like that game's combination of simple-to-play vs. realism. The latest SC games are trending towards more complications: but still they're awesome games! If you don't already own SC2WaW, the good news is you can now buy it at a great price.
  5. My apologies for not thanking Big Al for his work! I really enjoy SCGC and SCGCG and I'm looking forward to playing (and modding) AOC and AOD! Bill, Hubert, and all the testers: you're great too!
  6. First of all, a BIG THANK YOU to Hubert and Bill as well as all the playtesters for the new AOC and AOD! I'm really looking forward to both games and I'll pre-order both as soon as I can. I was checking my list of new features in the game compared to previous SC games. I believe all the new features in Breakthough are incorporated into AOC andd AOD. The only one I didn't find was the "armistice" feature. Hubert or Bill: are all the new features in Breakthrough put into AOC/AOD? Thanks!
  7. The licensing is supposed to detect serious hardware changes. However, I recently overclocked my Intel i7 processor which caused a licensing error with Breakthrough. Support sent me a link to the gsClean.exe file which immediately fixed the problem. The more serious issue, and Hubert, I'd greatly appreciate your help with this, is to encourage the company that provides the licensing to allow small hardware changes before triggering a license error. I personally believe the license failure was caused by a BCLK multiplier change from 22 to 23. It is absolutely ridiculous that should be the ca
  8. I've been playing wargames for ~35 years, and your Nupremal World is up there with the best. I've enjoyed your previous version for SC PT. I am playing SC GC on a very powerful machine, and even then I see some delay. However, the level of detail in incredible. Don't give up on it! I'm enjoying playing the current version. I'm disappointed the repository is still down so I can't get an updated version.
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