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  1. Hi Jodl and thanks for the response. I have to be honest with you, it is not necessarily realism that I am after. I love the setting of WW2 in Europe and I want to recreate those great battles but i want to do that in a game that offers me, above all else, simplicity. In Strategic Command - European Theater the map is clean and uncluttered and works perfectly using an overhead perspective of the map (as opposed to the one used in all the sequels). The number of different unit types is small and has avoided the subsequent tendency to keep adding new unit types, which slowly but surely adds m
  2. For years I have been looking for a strategic-level WW2 wargame. I have bought and played countless different games from countless different companies with limited success. My most recent purchase was Strategic War in Europe from Wastelands Interactive – another failure in my opinion. It was only in the last week that I actually realised that the game I have been looking for was the exact same game I was playing 10-years ago, namely, Strategic Command European Theater, so I decided to give it another go. I searched everywhere for my original copy of it but without success (I know it is some
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