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  1. Well that's good news. Any chance of the mission editor showing up in this release ?
  2. I've left it installed, but I'm twiddling my thumbs until the MEd expansion and (oh please) the mission builder.
  3. Very few S-Boats, or any MTB, were actually sunk in combat. Plenty went home with lots of holes in them, but plywood boats turned out to be amazingly resilient to light weapons.
  4. A big welcome to the nice guy from Akella.
  5. At a guess, you're in 3D Tactics mode, not 3D sim. Hit 'enter' again.
  6. Take command of the destroyer and park her next to the U Boat. You'll get a "mooring..." message, just wait and you'll load the surviving crew.
  7. Can't say as I blame Joe, not one bit.
  8. It's harder than you'd think to hit a fast 70' boat with a light autocannon from another boat also running at high speed. Reading accounts from boat captains its amazing how often several guns would light up a boat, fill it fill of holes and not hit anybody. Or how quickly things can go horribly wrong if some gunner does get a bead on your boat. I just wish they'd gone up to BC-sized ships, then we could recreate the Channel Dash event.
  9. it doesn't look to be that hardcore, but since you can control units up to cruiser size I'd say it's the closest on the market.
  10. English can be a real mother of a language.
  11. I'm in for a pre-order too. I also just put in a sizable order for Finnish and Russian boats from PT Dockyard. It's an MGB winter for me.
  12. And let's not forget http://www.ptdockyard.com (disclaimer: satisfied customer) purveyor of fine 1/600 scale resin models, a quickplay set of rules and collector of photographs. Dave has an excellent selection of Russian MTBs.
  13. I'm pretty sure I've heard that the damage modeling is hit-point based. That's a shame if true. I'm hoping for better from either Battlefront or the mod community.
  14. The Saratoga was hit twice, and was out of action for about a year total.
  15. The WW2 "torpedo boats" aren't same thing at all as the WW1 vintage TBs aren't. This game is about the small (70-110 feet), plywood, internal-combustion driven torpedo boats, not the very small traditional warships that destroyers were built to keep away from the capital ships. The classic TBs were still around in WW2, but really only the Germans and Italians used them. I'd say there's enough sim value in PT Boats to be worth a major effort. An 80' PT boat is bristling with guns, goes 40+ knots flat out, has torpedoes and has no defenses other than sneakiness, speed or smoke. They fought al
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