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  1. Something I'd like to see to make units more flexible and interesting is a straight rip-off from the panzer general series. Attachments. AT, AA, Engineers, Forward observers, Support Artillery and so on. These would be bought and added to a unit to improve one of it's stats.
  2. A most excellent mod. I've grown quite tired of playing WW2 over and over again. This one is a breath of fresh air. I do hope you plan to develop it further. Some comments: It's easy. Even on 100% and +2 it's no match to seize Russia (and the URSS), France and all of Africa as the Alliance. I think this mostly is becuase of how the AI treats new units. As most new units are STR 1, it's deploys them too close to enemy units. I think the AI assumes all units start at STR 10. USA need to be richer too. It really doesn't influence the game much if they enter the war or not so you basical
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