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  1. if you have a problem, you can contact me here : http://www.strategiccommand2-lejeu.com/forum/index.php Eric
  2. AI manages badly the Submarines (or other) with 1 strength point . For this reason I have units with a maximum in strength. I do not know how to make...
  3. I created units CRUISER and BATTLEFLEET because of their different capacity of displacement and not of their capacity ASW. The submarines could destroy a few units by surprised but certainly not a complete fleet (1 unit = about 20 CRUISERS). Sorry for my bad english : you wish to reduce the strength of the submarines of 10 (or 5) to 1?
  4. "too many destroyers" : it there not of destroyers but of the fleets of cruisers with : light cruisers, protected cruisers, battlecruisers, armoured cruisers. Cruisers ASM : 1/2, Battleships ASM : 0/3, Submarines AS : 0/0. The submarines were ineffective against the ships in 1914! "Movement is far too far" : I do not think, in August 1914, the German armies made 30 miles per day! The average was of 100 miles per week, (in train : 200 miles per day).
  5. script does not function with the land units??? (vers 1.06) Ex: { #NAME= FFL #POPUP= Des unités françaises rallient l'angletterre #FLAG= 1 #TYPE= 0 #AI= 0 #COUNTRY_ID= 2 #TRANSFER_ID= 1 #TRIGGER= 100 #LAND_PERCENTAGE= 90 #NAVAL_PERCENTAGE= 90 } Result: 6 land units => 0 5 naval Units => 5
  6. The version 2 is available. Principal innovation: railways (before weapons and warfare!!) Here: http://perso.orange.fr/jeux-de-strategie/
  7. I am too bad in drawing for the 3D icons For an english version, my english is very bad. you are right, it is planned for the version 2 #NAME=La guerre sous-marine (USA->Entente) #POPUP= Les américains protestent contre les agressions des navires neutres For me this event translates the total submarine war including the lusitania incident. [/QB]
  8. I would be very happy For an english version, my english is very bad
  9. I am too bad in drawing for the 3D icons and the wavy flags !!
  10. Sorry for my bad english.... All is in the title !! Here: http://perso.orange.fr/jeux-de-strategie/ A capture of screen : [ April 14, 2007, 06:59 AM: Message edited by: dauriac ]
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