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  1. Franz, My personal opinion is that the only major problem with the game is your exact post. I couldn't agree more.
  2. I agree with the initial post but also with the last one...
  3. Either way, in CM individual soldiers needed to be given individual waypoints. It was kinda a pain but it wasn't bad either. Atleast you had control over every soldier.
  4. I think it was 'Tank'.
  5. Personally I'm glad that my little army of pixels listens to me. If they had AI that overrid 'hold fire' commands there wouldn't be enough control. I also have made the same mistake as above. I guess is just takes getting used to which units are holding fire and which aren't.
  6. As far as i know you can't toggle back. once you hit 'enter' again, the camera stays in the same position but 'unlocks' from the unit. Yes that feature would have been nice, and it has been mention previously.
  7. One great feature that could be added would be to be able to rewind or replay. Sometimes there is so much going on that I find it difficult to zoom in on the cool stuff because I'm too busy being commander. Maybe a in game rewind where you can step back and watch what just happened of the past minute or so but not be able to issue orders at that time. Or maybe, even better would be the option for the battle to be saved so that if we wanted we could watch and rewatch the battle and be able to zoom in on the action without having to worry about orders. Just a thought.
  8. I'm not sure why you haven't won any missions yet... maybe you need to employ some more strategic planning. I've won a few missions, except only the ones that I am attacking on. I've still never won a mission where I had to defend. Defending is definitely a different story.
  9. I think that is a negative wave.
  10. see my above multiplayer now link
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