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  1. I just finished my second game as the Germans and both time I was winning but lost due to drop in moral. I understand this feature but I think there should be more ways to increase your country’s moral. I had defeated every country but Brittan, France, and the US. I think that you should have a country’s moral increase when they defeat another country. Maybe allow the spending of points to bump it up.
  2. There should be a way to turn music and sound effects down/off.
  3. Ok I love the game but one thing I cannot understand. I've played several Fall Weiss (as Germans) games and for teh live of me I can never even come close to building the same number of units that the Axis has at the start of the Barbarossa scenario. I was just looking at it and the Axis player has 5 Tank Groups, 12 air units and countless outer units. All at full strength I might add. I'm lucky if I have 3 Tank Groups and 5 air units. I don't think there are enven enough production point to build that many units even if I fought a perfect game. Am I missing something? Any hints? :confused:
  4. Great! Thanks I knew I was just missing something.
  5. Hi all. Just downloaded the demo and I can't figure out how to invade Benelux. I've read the tutorial and it just says to attack it but none of my units will move into the country. I can't figure out a way to declare war if that is needed. What am I missing? Thanks.
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