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  1. I appreciate the many good suggestions and comments and will follow-up on these. I use a Windows 10 PC (not laptop) with a Nvidia 1080ti and i7-7700. I will try another demo module as suggested and try the other items mentioned (the Shaders suggestion seems good). I do believe however, given the reliability of my platform on every other major military, flight and driving simulation, that the problem may be related to the demo (old demo version? un-patched demo version?) but who knows. Thanks again.
  2. Hi, I left the Battlefront Combat Mission world many years ago because of the licensing and distribution problems. I now have decided to give it a try again so I downloaded the RT demo. It "crashed to desktop" half way through the first scenario. I have a powerful, well maintained and up to date (drivers etc.) Windows 10 PC that is successfully running many other sims. Question: Is the demo I downloaded from this site an old demo? Was it known to crash? Any way to test if this has been fixed? Thanks for any help.
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