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  1. My favorite part of Steel Division 2 is the Army General turn based operational level (battalion level units) battles can be fought in super detail (RTS mode) tactical mode with individual tanks, squads, planes, and artillery pieces OR skip the detailed battles and have the battalion stats determine the outcome of the battle. Not typical RTS as commanders and leaders lend support to the units and ranged fire is taken into account. All in all, this game is a pleasant surprise. As an old hex and counter wargamer, I asked the developer on the Steam Board to slow down the RTS speed. I cann
  2. Excuse me for mentioning a non-grognard RTS game BUT, Steel Division 2 (operation Bagration) is a lot of fun. It manages to throw enough "semi-realistic" attributes to keep ones interest. I am enjoying the Army General portion of the solo game. Passes the time between Combat Mission releases! I'll duck now and prepare to be YELLED AT.
  3. Regarding CMSF2: I purchased the base game from Paradox and all modules from BF. Will I still be eligible for the discount?
  4. Hasn't the claim that Prokhorovka was the largest tank battle in history been documented as false by various modern studies? How does Kursk as a whole stack up as the largest tank battle if you include German 9th Army, 4th Pz Army, AD Kempf and the three Soviet fronts?
  5. WW2 justified by former German soldiers Wonder what the post war generations of Germans think?
  6. Just follow the trail of massacared villages.
  7. Or NWS's Steam and Iron? Minimal graphics but fantastic game play.
  8. You are welcome. The Squad Battles series shines when representing infantry actions. Tanks are more abstractly represented (not necessarily a bad thing). That being said, WW1 infantry actions are well modeled by the system.
  9. You can demo the Squad Battles series by downloading the Grenada free game. There is (as far as I know) no demo for First World War. If you like the Squad Battles series, the First World War game is one of the best.
  10. Try John Tillers WW1 Squad Battles game. You can see the evolution of small unit tactics over the course of the war by studying the game's oob's and tactics.
  11. Bad guys - Gulags, Starvation, & Ethnic Relocation. Badder guys - invasion for the purpose of eliminating entire populations.
  12. Ok BF - here it is: What do we want? - an updated CMSF! When do we want it? - asap as long as it doesn't interfere with Bagration!
  13. Any estimate when any of the new content may be released?
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