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  1. My favorite part of Steel Division 2 is the Army General turn based operational level (battalion level units) battles can be fought in super detail (RTS mode) tactical mode with individual tanks, squads, planes, and artillery pieces OR skip the detailed battles and have the battalion stats determine the outcome of the battle. Not typical RTS as commanders and leaders lend support to the units and ranged fire is taken into account. All in all, this game is a pleasant surprise. As an old hex and counter wargamer, I asked the developer on the Steam Board to slow down the RTS speed. I cann
  2. Excuse me for mentioning a non-grognard RTS game BUT, Steel Division 2 (operation Bagration) is a lot of fun. It manages to throw enough "semi-realistic" attributes to keep ones interest. I am enjoying the Army General portion of the solo game. Passes the time between Combat Mission releases! I'll duck now and prepare to be YELLED AT.
  3. Regarding CMSF2: I purchased the base game from Paradox and all modules from BF. Will I still be eligible for the discount?
  4. Thank you. I feel very foolish as I had to do as you suggested for my vista 32 bit system. I forgot I needed to "Run As Admin" with Windows 7. Thanks for the prompt answer.
  5. I replaced by 32 bit vista with 64 bit windows 7. I loaded the cd (version 1.22) into the windows 7. When I go to the automatic update, I receive the message: "Access to path..\users is denied". I also get an error message when I try to update from the Battlefront site.
  6. I cannot run any of the updates. Do the patches work with a Windows 7 64 bit?
  7. Swapped my Nvidia card for an ATI Radeon. CBMM now works like a charm with Vista operating system.
  8. What'll happen to Windows XP after June 30? I'm confused. In industry speak, this is called "end-of-sales." On June 30, Microsoft will stop distributing Windows XP as a stand-alone product that you can buy shrink-wrapped in the store. We'll also stop sending it to Dell, HP, Lenovo and all the other major PC manufacturers to sell on their PCs. Above from the Windows web page. Battlefront - no, you didn't "break" anything. However you're planning to release a "new" product that many of your loyal customers, after upgrading their pc's, cannot play. It's still unbelievable that you a
  9. Couldn't agree with you more. Battlefront's silence on this topic is inexplicable. I believe (not 100% sure) that you now cannot purchase new pc's with XP from the major manufacturers.
  10. Various posters have been asking for a fix for users with a Nvidia 8000 series card using a vista operating system for many months(including me). I've been able to overcome the cascading backgroung problem, however CMBB runs VERY SLOWLY. Aside from unhelpful comments from vista haters, there has been no word from Battlefront on how this will be addressed. I'm sure I'm not the only CMBB player who has replaced their pc with a Nvidia 8000 series card and a vista operation system and can no longer enjoy this game and thus will not purchase CMC.
  11. Loaded the new driver. CMBB remains unplayable. Too bad. I still wonder if CMC is ever released, if it is vista compatible?
  12. Same problem. Vista Home Premium 32bit Nvidia 8500GT I just posted in the CMC topic. If CMBB is now unplayable for us, how can we be expected to purchase CMC?
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