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  1. YES! I will definately follow this AAR with great interest, please be as detailed as possible. I'd like to know where every mpp and unit goes, so I´d prefer if you post 5 turns late, so that strategy is not compromised. Hmm I might even start playing again if you inspire me enough!
  2. Hmm, I ZOC the forests as well, I thought that they appear there too. Am I mistaken?
  3. I read your report, but await your turn... With anticipation this time...
  4. Date: 21 July -40 France is in the trenches. Britain is hoping for 'tech. RAF stands ready, and we're hoping for Russia. US:3% USSR:40%
  5. Allieshold firm and wait for the americans..
  6. 23 June -40 Axis take out Oslo corps again, KM is agressieve, RN deploy to sink it. France prepare for the anschluss. Bergen held by the British. [ July 06, 2004, 06:48 PM: Message edited by: Arngrim ]
  7. Axis attack poor defenceless Norway, and kill oslo corps. Bergen corps reinforce, and british corps fortify bergen despite heavy axis fleets presecnce, utilising RN subhunting, witch sinks one sub. Allies awaiting next axis move...
  8. RN engage the two subs found in the south of the atlantic. Germany nmakes no landmoves watsoever.. is he up to a evious ne strategy that i've never seen before, or is he just lazy? france consolidates its defence and is beginning to consider an agressive strategy. GB decides that a HQ to lead its air strategy might be a good idea... Nothing much happens...
  9. 8 Is way too many, a unit that's surrounded, cut off from supply facing 8:1 odds would probably surrender outright! With hexes though...
  10. The idea is interesting, a bit like DoD light... Although to options needs a bit tuning...
  11. Derek is busy. April 14 -40 Axis do nada. No subs spotted... France Garrisons Paris.
  12. Germans reorganize and prepare to attack France. Way too late IMNSHO Allies search for subs, and refrain from DOW on Ireland to get US and USSR into the fray ASAP. Italy still at 85% and French defence is ready for them. Greece won vs France Incredible, like... France defeating Germany! Derek is quiet... [ June 26, 2004, 06:25 PM: Message edited by: Arngrim ]
  13. Feb-40 Denmark falls. The sub slips away. Italy at 85% All is quiet on the German front. What is he planning? Subs are running, not raiding.
  14. Found a sub in southern atlantic... now where is the other one hiding. Allies hold the line and move the srunken pilots out of maginot. Hopefully the germans will take that Carlberg brewery soon, or all shall be lost for the Allies
  15. Barbarossa game? Our last one? I had a lot of fun! This game: Turn four: axis subs steal wellearned british money! Italians at 80% I find a French air in the maginot :confused: :confused: :confused: French HC must have been drunk! Germans prepare to attack LC. Allies consolidate.
  16. *grin* Hmm, I _really_ hope that those 2 understrength airfleets are in our game
  17. Lets play, and even though Iäm not a "cookie cutter" I'd bre happy to show youb the asics...
  18. Axis assault poland heravily. Allied response is to thae out tje pro-axis netherlands fast.
  19. No invasions turn1 after DOW on major fixes both RG, and axir keeping RR low, and invading.
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