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  1. 9 weeks and still waiting, now you cant tell me is because i stay in Canada, who i have to advise to know what appening with my copy of Sc2, the post or battlefront? If it's battelfront can i get at least a phone number, tx.
  2. 5 weeks and still waiting ...american sayd are canadian border are not enough protected but it take more then 5 weeks to send a cd over this stupid border..
  3. my icq is 327-414-918 and my msn emailis t_poche@hotmail.com
  4. hi, looking for tcp Ip strategic command2 players icq : 327-414-918
  5. Hi, i order my copy of SC2 Friday, April 28, now it's tuesday 23 of may, i stay not far from Hubert Cater, near Montreal, it's mean something is wrong whit my copy of Sc2?
  6. to solve the problem see topic "Routers Solved, Hosting For All!", i dont understand why but it solved my problem.
  7. Hi, i have no router and on high speed, i had a problem with Sc2 when i wanna play multiplayer, my internet connection was going down, i had to reboot the modem, i did "format c:" and completly reinstall my system. Now i have no firewall, only win XP and Sc2 installed and i have the same problem, i can play multiplayer other games but Sc2 **** up my connection everytime, someone had this problem? thank you.
  8. Dragondirt won agains Jul, was the second game of Jul and dont know about dragon
  9. My good icq number : 69395676
  10. icq : 83216348 msn messenger : t_poche@hotmail.com
  11. i just dont understand how to know who will be my next opponent, i lost again condor then i need to find a another looser?
  12. Hi, i am looking for player, it's my third games, if you are newbie, welcome, else i can try to survive agains you, choose your side, thank you
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