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  1. I tried the same too. Sent the units I started with to the big hill. My snipers got into a long distance skirmish and didn't really come off too, while the g wagons kept getting hit by pot shots. The mortars helped a great deal, but they came really late. Also, another difficulty I faced was clearing buildings with a predominantly recon force. I just don't have the fire power.
  2. I've been playing CMBN for almost a month now, so I know the basics of the engine and basic theory of tactics. I've only just recently got CMSF2 a week or so back, and not counting the training campaign, I've got less than 5 missions under my belt. I recently started the mission, Canadian Club. Seeing that its a tiny mission, I was expecting an easy mission, but this was not so, at least for my relatively inexperienced self. The challenges I faced were 1. The green canadian troops. They are bad at spotting, and get suppressed easily. 2. Lack of heavy weapons. Apart from the MMG on the G wagon, and mortars that come many turns later, its mostly small arms that have poor range. 3. Having to rely on the G Wagon for fire support. Related to point 2, since I've got no heavy weapons, I would need to rely on the G Wagon for enough firepower as my base of fire. But being a bigger target and not exactly bullet proof, they get shot really easily and the driver and gunner panics. I must be missing out on some key fundamentals in my tactics because I haven't had as much success in SF2 compared to CMBN. Any tips or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. So, in circumstances where a manoeuvre force has to advance while the base of fire provides suprressing fire and flanking is not an option (assaulting a building, or a wide line of trenches for example), they would have to advance from more or less the same direction (say from bearing 180 and bearing 135 respectively). How do armies IRL prevent friendly fire in such cases? In CM, small arms fire dont seem to cause a lot of friendly fire (from my limited experience), so I'm really curious how this works out IRL. Thanks.
  4. May i know what these are in real life? THe game gave a pretty generic picture, looked like a flame thrower with that tank and tube. Any pics and stuff like that?
  5. Urban armoured? Thats what I need! You played it vs AI or what? Panzerfaust is definitely effective within range.
  6. Why then are soviet recon units in the game? And how should htey be used? (both sides)
  7. whats the diffreence? I heard that recon has more men. WHat else? thanks
  8. it seems a little too heavy on machines don't you think?
  9. what about fox holes, craters, wheat fields, houses, brushes, rocks, forests etc...?
  10. what? You can choose which ammo to use in BB?
  11. i need some for CMBB, where can i get them?
  12. I love that scenario, 3rd scenario i played. I tried artillery on the tanks, but missed greatly. I'm good at infantry combat, but i suck at tanking and artillery planning.
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