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  1. remember guys , nades means all sou at nades in list , thous are not separated, like it was in cmb;bb but effect and backround egine still do it like real at nades and mangned mines. you tjust see infantry drow normal nade.

    Please forgive my asking, just trying to get a firm understanding of this. Are we saying that German Inf in fact does have AT grenade bundles such as were in CMBB, it is just that they are not monitored and measured(and shown in the squad special weapons section)? If so, then:

    -does this mean each squad does in fact have the ability to destroy tanks as they will have 'some' AT grenade bundles?

    -is there a max # of AT grenades assumed to be carried by a squad?

    Im quite sure the last question wont effect my gameplay as you are mostly to only throw 1, I was just curious :)

  2. Don't use anything released prior to 2.0. They won't work right.

    I haven't looked for uniforms in a week or so, so i am not sure how many author's may have updated their mods for 2.0. I have not seen many "i updated my mod" threads in the forums, besides the SS camo and the EZ's US uniforms (off the top of my head)and the others already listed in this chain.

  3. Bring on the flamethrowers. We are all killing guys in many different ways in these games. I do not understand why we should debate the use of this weapon vs others. Perhaps BF just doesnt create a separate 'writhing around on fire' graphic if this is such a big issue to some. As long as the game remains a realistic interpretation of actual combat tactics, there is no problem.

  4. AIUI, so long as the blown gap (which is AS-bounded) isn't touching/including the pre-existing gap you should be okay.

    Ok, I loaded a saved game and ran a test. I could not move the Jeep through the gap i had blown that i formed adjacent to the man-sized gap. I blew another gap with only 1 charge about 30 yds away that was smaller visually than the 1st gap, but i could still move the Jeep through. I suppose the lesson learned is blow an entirely new breach, dont build onto a man-sized gap if your intentions are to move a vehicle through it. Thanks womble

  5. IIRC, there was exactly one Gebirgs Div in NWE, and that was 6th SS Mtn Div (which scampered out of Finland eith their tail between their legs when the Finns finally realised which side their bread was buttered on) which arrived in the Alsace-Lorraine(?) area in Jan 1945. So yes: well out side the timeframe of CMBN.

    (There might have been a single Heer G.Div too, but I think that was even later ... like, maybe March '45?)

    "Black Edelweiss" by Johann Voss, was a good read, a memoir by a soldier of the 6th SS Mntn Div, detailing their retreat through Finland, etc.

  6. 5-7 turns seems way too long for gameplay purposes. I understand it could take that long to pile up furniture, etc, as was said earlier. But perhaps the crew is firing out of a small crack in the wall, lower down than firing from a window sill. 2.5 mins sounds fair enough to me akd.

  7. I am playing one of the stock CW battles as the Canadian's defending a town against a German armor attack. My 1st platoon commander in A Co does not have a C2 link to the Co commander, even though both units have radios. They are defintely out of LOS of each other, but i thought if both units had a radio, that was sufficient for a green light C2 link?

  8. I have looked all through the forums, and perhaps i have missed it, but i have failed to find a proper explanation of the combat details icons and abreviations that appear when you scroll over a potential target. For instance:

    Atkr=2 Dfdr=1


    SA=5 SD=4(+4DB)

    There is also a little tank icon and a river icon. Ok, I have been playing this game for a while now knowing that the top line of the combat predictions are really the ones that matter, predicting losses for both attacker and defender. What exactly are the 2nd and 3rd lines telling me? I understand what the river icon means, but the tank?

    I am sorry if these questions have already been explained, and thank you for your help!

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