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  1. All this thoughtful back and forth related to a movie that has not even been released yet is quite interesting. However in 2016 would the majority of moviegoers really care if it is apologizing for the reputation of the Waffen SS. Would the mainstream of young people especially in the USA even know what the Waffen SS was? Would they even care that the President of the US at the time was suspected of having Communist advisors.

    Its good fodder for WW2 related forums, but in the world of reality,  re-runs of "Breaking Bad" get more discussion time.

  2. Absolutely, testing in H2H mode does take a lot of time. You can usually obtain enough information to make educated comments as IanL did without necessarily playing a battle to the end of allotted time.

    I personally have found that playing PBEM games is my first choice now. I have several games going in all the different CMx2 releases. Being retired I do have more time to devote to playing, not only to test, but for the fun of it as well. Times zones do not really present a huge obstacle. I have opponents  not only in all time zones of the US but in Europe, New Zealand and Down Under as well. My regular Canadian opponents are conveniently in the same time zone as me. 

    All players have a preferred mode of play, some regularly play more than one mode. The designers seem willing to please all the different groups and that is a good thing.

  3. I don't know what you American bros expected, It's an arms expo.... Of course they are gonna show off the mobility at its peak level.

    Its got nothing to do with being American, or Russian for that matter. We are talking about sales pitches, after all we are all looking to sell our death dealing machines to other countries.....who would probably be better off spending money on hospitals or schools.

    Sales folks are the same the world over. Whether they are selling BMPs or Bradleys, the bottom line is hooking the customer.

  4. I dont know, i had that thought too but then looked a few more times and started to doubt it. I cant see any similar landmarks and these guys seem to be in a less urbanised area. Just my two cents

    Look again at the silhouettes of what could be water towers or Minarets or both on the horizon. They are identical in the two videos, as are the flight paths of the two aircraft. The helicopters are just filmed from different vantage points.. 

  5.  But the article being written just yesterday makes me feel as if it has a political bias to it. Of course, I wouldn't want to offend you in anyway. 


    Why, because it does not reflect your understanding of the situation or the sources you are reading.

    All commentary on military situations not received directly from folks on the ground and part of the action is suspect. Propaganda is practiced by all sides in this Syrian mess. Obviously not every news release is  100% accurate. Numbers can be fudged to reflect any outcome that is desired. 150 sorties, etc. All a sortie means is that an aircraft was dispatched to strike a target. It may not necessarily have dropped its ordnance and just flew back to base for whatever reason. Those numbers reflect operational tallies for all air forces. Unless there is accurate battle damage assessments, or strikes are followed up by tangible positive results on the ground, they are just numbers.

    The U.S., for example has been conducting air/ground attack operations in the Middle East and North Africa since the Fist Gulf War. That's nearly 25 years of experience, and America still hits wrong targets and over hypes its bombing results.

    Quoting articles from various sources should not offend anyone IMO, they are not directed at other posters but provided as supporting documentation for a certain point of view. We are all adults here (I think) we can discuss these situations without taking offense at the drop of a hat.


  6. Nah politics wont ruin it. Open conversation is good until it denegrates into a flamewar. But politics have been discussed endlessly on these forums as far back as I remember which is September 1999 and Ive yet to see them or anything ruin the forum.

    Damn, Sublime, you are certainly a divisive character. The minute you show up in a thread people start throwing the P word around, and talking about abusive, nasy comments. Perhaps an anger management program would suit you? :P

  7. I doubt anybody sees a ground operation of any meaningful size as a possibility. At least not at the moment.

    Also, if it were to happen I doubt how many conscripts serving their term Russia would rely on. I expect they'd try to absolutely minimise the amount of people going who aren't professionals, making as much use of proxy fighters as possible, which in turn would lessen the effect of families complaining their young are being forced to go and get slaughtered on a foreign battlefield. In any case a ground operation seems far fetched no?

    If you follow the US in Vietnam scenario, early on you put advisors on the ground to help the indigenous forces. Russia may or may not have done that in Syria either with their own troops or possibly Cuban troops. Then you bring in airpower and establish an umbrella over your own assets, as well as the proxy/local ground troops you are supporting. I believe that has been done by Russia already. What is still a further possibility is that Syrian FSA or ISIS fighters attack a Russian base and destroy planes and kill Russian military personnel.

    Then if you continue to follow the Vietnam pattern, ground troops are sent in to protect the base(s). They maybe static at first, but then "vigorous patrolling" will be needed. Of course all of this is hypothetical, but neither the US nor Russia seem to have learned anything from the past. IMO of course.

  8. We saw the outcry that occurred with the Soviets in Afghanistan. The Government tried to hide the casualties, but families back home caused such a stir, that the numbers could not be contained. What will happen now in an age of instant global communications. How long will the Russian people be content to see their sons ( I don't add daughters, because I am not sure how anxious the Russians are to see their young women slaughtered on the battlefield) coming home in boxes from fighting in a conflict so far from home?

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