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  1. Originally posted by Peter Cairns:

    If in CM:SF scenarios casualties become a major factor and potentially you lose points for hitting unoccupied buildings or in later modules civilians, then people will have to learn to fight cautiously without using all the firepower at their disposal.


    So there will be civilians in CMSF?


  2. Originally posted by LongLeftFlank:

    Oh, and Pinetree, re your sigline, that isn't the first time Microsoft's ad agency has been a little more clever than it quite intended:

    A notorious 1997 TV ad for Internet Explorer used as its score Mozart's Requiem, in which the chorus intones:



    Flammis acribus addictis.*

    'Where do you want to go today?' , is the cheery line displayed on the TV screen.

    * The Latin translates to: 'The damned and accursed shall be consigned to the flames of Hell.'

    That's....nice.... :eek:
  3. Originally posted by LtCol West:

    </font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Canuck:

    Err... any chance of reducing the size of that picture so that it doesn't take up approximately the same area as my DESK??

    Sorry about that, I dunno what happened. </font>
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