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  1. Originally posted by Battlefront.com:

    1. Break the country up into three sections of autonomous rule. The Kurds get the north, the ****es the south. Baghdad is declared an open city and is given its own government. The Sunni west/central section of Iraq is reconfigured to govern itself. The US and Iraqi forces withdraw and a UN force, made up mostly of Muslim forces, is put into its place. The latter is the tricky part because let's face it... who'd want to put their troops in that mess :( So alternatively the US withdraws and gives explicite military and political aid to the most moderate, viable faction and let them take care of the insurgents any way they choose to.

    I'm sure the Turks would be willing to occupy the Kurdish region.


    Probably wouldn't even have to ask them. They'd just show up the moment "Kurdistan" was announced.

  2. Originally posted by Battlefront.com:

    It would be extremely bloody, but unleashed from the constraints of conventional, civilized fighting rules (which is what the US is imposing on them) I think they would do a pretty good job of getting rid of the Insurgency. At least in its present form. But it would be soooooooo very messy.


    "Civilized fighting..."


  3. Originally posted by Battlefront.com:

    The Nazi regime was one of the most corrupt (in all senses of the word) governments the world has ever seen, and terribly inefficeint too, but man did they get stuff done.

    Reminds me of a quote from John Goodman in The Big Lebowski:

    "Say what you want about the tenents of National Socialism, Dude, at least it's an ethos."


    Yes, your boss is right that one can not win an asymetric war. One can only try to prevent one from getting started in the first place. The policy of the US since Vietnam was to simply avoid them, even if it meant "cutting and running" or leaving a massive mess behind after some sort of military adventure that went down the wrong path. Those who pushed for a war with Iraq used a different policy; if one doesn't know anything about asymetrical warfare then it doesn't exist.

    Somewhere in the General Forum there is some quote from me prior to the war in Iraq. I said then that I believed we would make short work of the invasion and quickly take over the country with few losses. However, I expressed "fear" that we'd totally screw up everything after it. Either I'm some kind of briliant visionary or I'm just someone who is apparently more informed than many in leadership positions. I don't think I'm brilliant, so somehow I must be better informed. That is scary.


    I tend to believe the Bush administration and the Pentagon knew that an insurgency and civil war were possible, they just didn't want us to think about it, so they avoided talking about it.

    They probably thought they would whip a minor Sunni insurgency and the Shi'a would worship us as heroes and the streets of America would flow with pride and oil.

    I still believe we lost in Iraq when we failed to crush the Sunni insurgency when it first began to flair up.

    Maybe thats too simplistic. I don't know for sure.

  4. Best situation is for the Iraqi goverment to ask the colation to leave.

    That would save face for the colation and finaly give some semblence of a 'job accomplished'

    They can't do that now, real civil war would break out which would most likely make the current bloodshed look like a tea party.

    The Coalition cannot win until the Iraqi government can defend itself from the insurgency. It seems obvious they are still a long way from that point, sadly.

  5. Buddy of mine posted this "aar" shortly before he returned home from Iraq. He drove a tank and recounts his combat experiences in this thread on my forum.


    Here is a piece of it, from fighting in Tal Afar:

    We push up further and circled the wagons. The IA started shooting everywhere, making it impossible to tell exactly where we were getting shot at. At this point, my gunner decided that now was the perfect time to take a dump, using an MRE bag to do the deed. In the middle of a firefight, our gunner was taking a ****. Things started to cool off a little, the tempo of the fight rising and falling, when the Insurgents decided to hit my tank directly. Over the radio, one of the rear tanks called to us “66 someone is running behind your tank, I think he might have...” BOOM! Two grenades had landed on our back deck, forcing us to button up (close the hatches). During all this, we had been attempting to get authorization to fire our main gun, but our higher ups thought that an escalation of force at this point might not be prudent.

    Finally though they relinquished. We had caught group of insurgents in the alleyway to our right through our CITV (Commanders Independent Thermal Viewer, this allows the Tank Commander the ability to target things independent of the main gun direction). The insurgents had no idea we were looking at them though, with our main gun pointed down the road. They had been making hand and arm signals to each other and mocking us for our apparent lack of knowledge at their presence. They were informed with the blast of a 120mm Smoothbore Cannon High Explosive Anti-Tank Round.

    The rest of his long post is at the link above.
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