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  1. P51D, you made the claim you had presented a paper on this topic at a "conference in Stockholm". You did not state whether it was a private or a public function. I assumed that it was a public function as I cannot believe too many closed functions would be that interested in a minor historical note from over 50 years ago. You later amended your original comment to "at a forum in Sweden some years ago attended by military personnel & historians." Again, I somehow doubt it would have been of such interest to serving personnel that they would have slapped a security rating on it, particul
  2. I'm sorry, P51D but I see your comments as being quite a cop out. I don't necessarily believe that John has been particularly nasty either. He's in fact quite a gentleman, compared to some of the other piranha which inhabit this pool. Your desire for anonymity notwithstanding but you have thrown your hat into the ring, making particular claims. Many would like to verify those claims as they do not necessarily gel with what is the accepted demise of Wittman. Personally, I don't give a toss who killed him - he died as others have suggested, because his luck simply ran out and no matter
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