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  1. I just bought CMBS and CMBS Battle pack 1. CMBS download and activation code are ok and CMBS boots up just fine. However, I also purchased Battle Pack 1 and although I enter the activation code for BP1 and it says "success" when I start CMBS no battle pack campaigns show up. Pls. advise and thanks, Stefan
  2. Typically 1 to 2 turns/day, six days of the week. If you like, go ahead and set up a quick battle or choose a scenario. Defender, no preregistered fire. I'll play as Axis or Allies, attacker or defender. E-mail me with details at a n g e l 4 2 0 5 2 {at} a o l . c o m
  3. Typically 1 to 2 turns/day, six days of the week. If you like, go ahead and set up a quick battle. Defender, no preregistered fire. I'll play as Axis or Allies, attacker or defender. PM me with details
  4. What about the CMAK hedge vs. the CMBO hedge? Are both the same or is the CMBO hedge much thicker.
  5. Determined to prove my point, I created a huge map with one sniper hunting another, no other forces. It was NOT rated Huge as I expected. If memory serves me correctly, it was rated tiny. I also did a scenario on a 800 x 800 map with 20,000 pts. worth of armour (per side) and it was rated huge. So it does turn out that my post on 9/14/04 is completely wrong. I appreciate your setting me straight.
  6. Emer mentioned judgeing battles by size (i.e., small, medium, large, huge). All that tells you is the size of the map (which is very useful to know). For all you know you could have a "huge" scenario pitting one sniper versus another. The "size" of the scenario is only the map size. That's why I like to see the points (or rough aproximates to preserve FOW) mentioned somewhere. The point system is not perfect but along with the scenario write-up it gives a pretty good idea of what type of units, no. of units etc. that are involved. Without point totals I often have no idea if the scenario
  7. It is almost a show stopper for me that the vast majority of scenario designers refuse to put point total information in the scenario write-up or scenario title. For example, my friends and I wanted to play something that had 8000 pts. or more. We spent HOURS looking through scenarios, decided that there was nothing and started up an operation instead! I know the scenario designers do excellent work and spend hours creating the scenarios. It seem a shame that point total (or approx. total) is not avail. It seems like fundemental information to choose a scenario, kind of like knowing h
  8. I've been shelling the uberwire with 14 inch navel guns. The wire is ... still there! I think we need to bring Rexford in on this to double check the math. Also, the game s "generic barb wire," I hope this is resolved in CM2!!
  9. You think it's bad with halftracks. I put some barb wire & road block in a clearing surrounded by woods. I had several infantry units area fire at the wire for several turns. The wire ... is still there.
  10. Question: Is there such a thing as "partial hull down?" E.G., I have a vehicle that is behind a small hillock but is not technically "hull down" - does the vehicle gain some sort of minor defense benifit? Thxs, Stefan
  11. I would like to see something like that myself. When I'm fighting a QB it always seems like I'm fighting too much in a vacuam. It would also be cool from the point of view that I w/be wondering what my enemy's intel would tell him about my forces, set-up, etc. Stefan
  12. I'd like to see something like this in QB tied in with some sort of intelliegence rpt for assult/attack/probe situations. E.G, Attacker/defender buy forces. Defender gets a intel rpt. on attacker forces. Defender sets up. Attacker gets intel rpt. on defender set-up & forces. Attacker sets up. Intel quality levels might be something purch. or randomly set up by the QB engine. Stefan
  13. Given the scale of CM and that the 150 is primarly an indirect fire weapon, I'd say it's prob. unrealistic to typically purch. them for Quick Battles. Stefan
  14. Buildings with rooms on ea. floor. House-to-house fighting seems pretty difficult for me to imagaine in the curr. CM1 engine. Stefan
  15. As I recall, the much of the Madd Matt mod packs were actually supposed to be in the orig. vers. of the game. See the readme file which incls. the following text: "Dan 'Kwazydog' Olding: Beta Tester and the man MOST responsible for the textures in the Final Game. Much of the MDMP was stuff he meant to have included in the game but because of time and space on the CD they didn't make it in. All the graphics in the MDMP except the Winter Hetzer are Dan's!" If you have nice speakers, I highly recommend that you also get the sounds. Stefan
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