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  1. Howdy howdy fd-ski checking in I can't wait till CM has Tiffies with 1000lb's that you can direct
  2. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Gen. Sosaboski: Indeed, the Poles were not treated well by the Brit leadership. In fact, the paras were made into scapegoats for Market Garden by the Brits and were not allowed to march in the London Victory Parade (when the Polish RAF personnel were invited, they made a stand of solidarity with their airborne comrades and also refused to take part because of that). Gen Sosabowski, an admired and great leader, was relieved of command around the end of the war, and eventually went close to bankruptcy, his men sending him Christmas cards each year. At one point, he was a diswasher in London he was so poor, and died this way. Just a plain old sad story of brave men.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> As for the parade - the version i've read stated that Churchil didn't want to piss off Stalin ( there were two Polish Governments at that time - one in London and one in Poland ) As for Sosabowski - that's a shameful story. I've never heard it before. How sad. Could you provide some references as to the Market Garden thing ? I've never read anything to that account... And after playing MG in just about every stragegy game ( computer and not ) i don't see how could that possibly be a case. ------------------
  3. As for the Cavalery charge - look at that page - it's a myth.. http://mops.uci.agh.edu.pl/~rzepinsk/1939/html/cav.htm As for troops - once the front started to collapse - all the troops were ordered to either give up to russians ( who were expected to be somewhat less cruel then Germans ... little did they know ) or to escape though Romania. Romania had quite a good relations wiht Poland and allowed a LOT of polish soldiers to pass though to France and UK. Stalin murdered lot of officers who were captured ( Katyn forest ) and rest were send to Syberia. Once the USSR was attacked and joined the allies - Stalin was forced to release all the POWs from september 1939. Lot of them tranfered to UK though Far east. Most of them were not to see homeland again - communist regieme treated them as traitors. Some of the PAF pilots who returned to Poland after teh war, disregarding the political situation ( and enougraged by UK government ) were executed. Others lived in harrasment and without any recodnition. Very sad story actually.. fd-ski
  4. As for Polish Air Force in UK - Squadrons 300 and 301 flew bombers in Battle of Britain. 302 and 303 flew Hurries. 303 accounted for 120+ enemy planes - highest number of all squadrons in BoB - and they started flying in the Battle at the half point !!! 302 was assigned to the northern sector and not allowed to rotate until things quiet down. As for spitfire - PAF units flew Hurries in BoB and reequipped with Spitfires soon afterwards. Most of them flew Spitfires and Mustangs until 1945. PAF fielded total 15 squadrons ( might be 17 - i'm not 100% sure .. at work ) That's a lot of people - despite small number of planes Any qurestions ? ------------------
  5. <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by howardb: I'm sorry people but I've actually been home sick and very limp so I couldn't bare the thought of thinking tactics. I will remedy this over the weekend. Sorry people. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE> Hope you'll feel better soon. No rush, just wanted to know if you're still around. Get well and let me know whenever you feel up to par. ------------------
  6. He did mention that he travels far to his firlfriend's city or something long those lines... looks like CM addiction can be overwhelmed ------------------
  7. I've send e-mails and for over 3 weeks no response. I've seen him post here.. maybe his e-mail system craped... Howard, if you're outthere, i'd like to finish our game. ------------------
  8. BTS - quick question. Please comment on possibility of this arrangement. You have a server which "resolves" the turns for both participants. Player A makes his move and sends the file to ( example ) game113@cmhost.com Player B makes his move and sends the file to game113@cmhost.com Once host recieved both games - it computes the resulting clash and sends the movie files to both players. They watch the movies and give orders for next turn. Then they send it to .... so on.. 1 e-mail per turn. "cheat" safe - since execusion is limited to the server. Server "mail" portion of it shouldn't be too hard, but the CM part might be a different story, although i bet it uses some sort of "unit 1, location x,y, heading z, morale t" so on format. Well BTW ? Would this be doable ? Maybe "open source" format for savegames ( unsecured that is ) would allow you to use the programmers in the community to help to write the phaser ? ( takes two different sets of orders and applies them to the same game - encription would stay for before and after part of the BTS side ) . What do you think ? ------------------
  9. Not whining - just putting things into perspective. I recently visited my home country ( Poland ) and met some of my old schoolmates. Average income for them was 150$/month. This prabably explains low number ( just myself.. never seen anyone else ) of polish players in CM. ------------------
  10. Where do i know this guy from... ? Howdy Jochen... we meet again
  11. Something i read while back comparing Marines and Army as far as tactical doctrine goes didn't shed a good light on USMC at all. The theory was that Army usually used it's 3 unit doctrine - 1 unit ties enemy down, other flanks it, third in reserve. Marines were far more fond of frontal assults types of operations. While man for man Marines were probably better infantry then Army, their tactics would have hurt them a lot. ------------------
  12. BTS - if you're interested i can help with making polish version of the game, translate and all... i speak it fluently. I don't think there is much of community in Poland for CM which is supprising considering the extensive interest in this type of historical simulations there. I just came back from there and the amound of books in the bookstore on the subject was plain amazing. They had books on just about EVERY variation of 251 !!! ------------------
  13. Since i'm relatively new, i'd like to apologies if this topic has been mentioned before... just want to point out something that really bohter's me about current QBs.... I realize that there are hardware limitations as to how big map can the computer handle. From some programming background i have i would reason that AI might have problem working with extreemly large maps, but with advent of faster computers - can we please have an option of very big map for QB's ? Please ? Current QB games i've played on the biggest maps avaialbe are at best mile across, which means any flanking manouvering will likely be easily spoted and will come under small arms fire from across the map. Games bog down to "hold the right spot and ambush" or "pound the crap out of it with artilery and overwhealm it with large infantry" situations. I would love to see a map with size up to 5 kliks width. Where the halftracks racing down your flank on the far end make you think twice about keeping reserves. Where long ranges weapons can utilize their adventages instead of having them negated by the constant short range fights. Tiger on the hill two kicks from you would make you think twice woundn't it ? So if really big maps are indeed the problem for AI and it's thinking as far as moving troops, can we please at least have it as an option for QB or those people with fast computers or time to spare ? I'd much rather wait for the turn to compile for 3 minutes then wonder if 3 platoons siting in the central forest can stop 4 platoons coming at it. Thank you for you time. Just my 2 cents. fd-ski
  14. i would avoid giving tanks "fast" order. I usually try to do with Move if possible and my "bogged" rate dropped dramatically.
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