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  1. Don't place mines directly behind wire. Place it to the sides. No one (not eventhe TacAI) usually tries to plow striaght through wire but will try to skirt around it. Using wire to channelize the enemy into kill zones is pretty easy, but it's harder with AP mines since they are hidden. I usually buy more wire than AP mines for this reason. When I do get AP mines, I'll place some of them immediately in front of my infantry to help break up enemy charges.
  2. What? No one has said anything about the funniest modern US warplane name! the B-1 "Lancer" is the official name, but what do crews call it? The "Bone" (B - one, get it?)
  3. Juju, I think you're contradicting yourself here. You give examples of how the AI right now willfully abandons weapons and vehicles, but then say BFC didn't implement it?? :confused: What's being being proposed is that an order be made available to the human player to abandon a weapon that (for whatever reason) the AI has decided on not giving up on. To me, it's in the same category of the AI and human player both being able to give targeting orders. I still think a (very) limited "recrew" option would be good, too.
  4. If you think about it, there is already a form of "recrewing" in the game. Squad LMGers are one of the least likely men in a squad to be a casualty. IIRC, that was done intentionally to portray the fact that when the gunner was hit in real life, all effort would be made to pick that LMG up since it was such a big part of the squad's firepower. I think folks might be overreacting to the thought of recrewing weapons. I like the way it was handled in good 'ol ASL. The only problem was crews could basically man anything they wanted without penalty. That would have to go. I think having regular squads or half squads manning anything other than MGs would have to go, too. Otherwise, while the rules were there if you had to re-man a gun you could, but it was almost not worth it to the point it was almost impossible to use it in a gamey fashion.
  5. Easy fix. Any "recrewed" weapon could only be used at great disadvantage (say -2 experience level for friendly weapons and -3 for enemy). Some specialized weapons (such as Recoilless rifles) would not be allowed to be "recrewed". Edit: Also no use of special ammo! [ September 25, 2003, 03:02 PM: Message edited by: IntelWeenie ]
  6. Use the hotkeys (at work, think it's Alt-I?) to turn weather on and off. Having been in a couple of deserts doing military things(Saudi A./Kuwait/Iraq and Mojave), I would like to say that I agree with BFC not including them. As for sandstorms appearing during a game, I don't think it would be worth the coding effort (most games last less than 1 hour, remember) and may not be too realistic. Some of the bigger storms can be seen long before they hit you (and I do mean 'hit') and no one wants to get involved in anything while one's coming your way.
  7. Aaagh! I just got scheduled to do some maintenance on our network on.... Oct 11!!!!!! Only a 3 hour drive, too... :mad:
  8. Aaagh! I just got scheduled to do some maintenance on our network on.... Oct 11!!!!!! Only a 3 hour drive, too... :mad:
  9. It really depends a lot on the type of battle you're playing. If you're defending, It's easy. Just wait for him and make sure you have a mobile reserve in case the attack comes where you didn't expect it. If you're attacking, cover your approach as best you can with terrain, smoke and covering fire from tanks and support weapons (HMGs, 81-2mm mortars, etc.) Concentrate your attack and make him react to you. If it's a meeting engagement, you can try either of the above depending on situation and which style you're better at. Some folks like to rush the flags then 'defend' them. Others like to let the enemy spread themselves out rushing for the flags then smack them with a co-ordinated attack. Either way, scouting and keeping a reserve are both essential.
  10. I can't believe no one has mentioned the single most important sentence in that interview: "It will be released November this year." I'm tingly with anticipation....
  11. Frankly, I was rather suprised that all the "Sherman" vets were British. Why were there no Americans interviewed?? My favorite part of that episode: the guy giving the "troop vs. Tiger" demo with scale models on the hood of the jeep. I want my tanks to roll over and play dead when they get shot, too! All in all, I thought the whole series was fairly good (for TV) and didn't notice a whole bunch of glaring errors like you usually see in such shows.
  12. Now all we need is a "Happy Birthday" interface mod! Gonrats, guys, on a job oh so well done!
  13. All too true. However, since BFC has shown a greater-than-average willingness to listen to their customers in the past, there's always hope!
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