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  1. I read it as "Don't be where the enemy expects you to be".
  2. It's right and proper, both. We laugh a lot on the RAE, as they're the ones cheapening the proper grammar. BTW, regarding the nick, I've just finished "Cryptonomicon", right on the subject.
  3. I bet Google Translator is good enough. 23 pages on a subject as CAS is fairly little. Notice I didn't wrote anything on FO training and the lot, which is a subject as important as the platform, is not more.
  4. Hi Jon! Nice to read you. Hey, take a look to that article I wrote that I've posted in the CAS thread and tell me what you think.
  5. That already happened in the beginning of Nam with the fixation on jets. Only later the A-1 resurrected and the OV-10 was deployed.
  6. Subtle. (this parenthetical was added to comply posting standards)
  7. Some time ago I wrote a little essay on CAS. It's in Spanish and also in a very casual language, as it's intent is more towards a broad audience than a technical one. I suppose that it could be easily translated by any current online tool. I think it covers almost all the pros and cons, and at the end is focused on the Pucará, for obvious reasons. http://argie-mibosque.blogspot.com.ar/p/apoyo-aereo-cercano-la-cenicienta-que.html I hope you'll find it interesting.
  8. I remember a game on CMBO in which a German attack has to pass over a few bridges, controlled by British troops on my command. I had TRPs on all of them and proceed to unload every single direct and indirect fire weapon I had on those as soon as the Germans came thru. At the end, I found a 2" Mortar team credited with a Panther kill. I suppose it went through an open hatch...
  9. By default, the F keys work as shortkeys for some "hard" functions, like sound volume, or screen bright. Them can be configured to enable other OS functions, like Workspaces or Dashboard also.
  10. In System Preferences, go to Keyboard. There, mark box Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys and try again. I suppose it will make it work.
  11. As Gen. DePuy said, they (the infantry) were just bodyguards for FOs most of the time in the Western Front.
  12. Great! I'm sending you a brain, a year 68 classic, with little to no use. Is the only organ I can spare without affecting my normal functionality.
  13. The only I ask is the chance to turn off the music only. I'll pay for an upgrade which only do it.
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