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The Dubno Operation

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Hi People

I was not sure where to out this post so I am just posting here.

It was my wish to start a blog about each game I play so people may actually comment about it as we play it along the turns. After many tries I and a friend started writing for an entire operation of 7 battles, 35K points.

The battle is located in Dubno, late 1944 on a fairly large map of 4000 by 4000. We have tried to put down a few lines at every 3 or 4 turns and sometimes some more about the game and the tactics and 'events' ( recently I got a hit from a T34 over 2250 meters to a Panzer IV , it was a KO )

Anyhow, please visit our blog and drop in a few lines of comment, and tell us what u want to see in such a blog. We appreciate every positive feedback.

The blog is at http://thedubno1944.blogspot.com/


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