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CM Black sea. Looking for an opponent (with a few caveats)

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Good morning everybody!

After years and years of battling with the Combat Mission AI I finally decided to plunge into the wider pool of the Play by Email against real people. But, there are a few buts.

First thing first, I have never, ever played a game through e-mail. More precisely, last time I played by mail, it was sending a real letter every week to my opponent. The game was Squad Leader and the time the Year of the Lord 1988 or ‘89.

So, here is what I need. An experienced, and patient too, player willing to explain me the ins and outs of the business. Ah, if it is possible I’d prefer to play as Ukrainian or US. Ukrainian first. Up to now the UKR campaign is the only I’ve managed to complete.

What I have. CMBS 4.10, obviously, an email address and Dropbox, if necessary.

What I can offer. I could begin with 3 turns a week. Then, if things work properly, ramp up the figure. Moreover, I am not the kind of guy who disappear when things in the scenario start going south. Fair and square fight until the end!

Well, anybody out there?

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