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So I am looking through this game to use as a OP layer for a campaign with my PBEM partner.  Montélimar - The Anvil of Fate.  The game rules have a Mulligan chit.  For the Americans it is called Bourbon, for the Germans Cognac.  Being primarily a wine drinker I need guidance.  Here is what they recommend.  If I am going to drink when using these rules, are these good suggestions and do you have better?  And yes this is straight out of the rule book.  Almost worth buying the game just for this to support them!  And if I hear another person complain about the price of combat mission after looking at the cost these days of board games! ($109 for this though it is pretty - and my cats would love it :().

Optional - but a great Command and Control aid as well as being enjoyable:
We recommend the following Bourbon for the American Player to enjoy while playing: Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Barrel Strength. Great hint of toffee and oak.
We recommend the following Cognac for the German Player to enjoy while playing: HINE Bonneuil 2005 – pricey but worth it.

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While I never heard of those adult beverages, I can say there appears to be two types of board games these days since printing costs came down over the years. This one seems to have gone with ultra high quality components and a huge map. Many more come in around 20 bucks with lower quality stuff.  These lower cost ones are sort of providing a resurgence in board gaming. It's not unreasonable for any military history fan to consider creating their own rules sets and maps these days. Thanks for mentioning Montélimar. I may just buy it since my father was in the Army Air Force as part of the allied invasion of southern France.


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