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New Strategic Command AoD HANDICAP LEAGUE

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Hello All.   the AoD tournament that I started July 2014 is nearing an end... with Peter (pacestick) v Falk (isnogud) for the final.   I have a new league that we are trying to

form.   There is a formula for HANDICAPPING so that players with less experience get some advantages over less-experienced AoD players.....   So please join in the fun!!!

let me know at gkizziah@aol.com if you want the rules emailed to you.  We are planning on starting soon...(Feb 2016).... but will try to let late joiners in... so that we don't let

this great game die!!!! ....

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tournament over.... John Helm (Fritz) is the winner .... new tournament with new mod hopefully coming in October-2018... let me know if you want rules and/or info...


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