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  1. yeah for sure good to see that amount of detail :P. also, on the topic of helmets, i'm curious if anyone knows how true this is, but part of why a lot of guys would not wear a chin strap was due to the fact that the turbulence from a large caliber round flying close overhead (say and 88 round) would cause air to rush up under the helmet, and end up either breaking the soldiers neck or taking their head off.
  2. Not a problem :), glad i could get it working so people could enjoy EZ's and MJ's work
  3. Negative, we both took our Z folder out to make sure it was not mod related. its visible on the stock 82nd infantry
  4. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QJRGw_7lPlL8zitjh9KuO4a8QSvoija4 Thats the Khaki Infantry all sorted, i also added EZ's Gear to each division, just wanted to try it here and check the download works before i upload it on the CMmods site
  5. yeah for sure, i was actually talking to mord about what i would need to do to re upload them for people, so once i finish getting these done, ill upload the kahki infantry pack and give EZ credit for the uni's and Mjkerner for the patches, since really, i just re named files, they did all the work
  6. that is perfect, thank you. i have been working on getting all the uniforms in EZ,s uniforms with markings mod, and also trying to fix, i think its damiens 101st mod, as a lot of guys still show up in 82'nd jump gear due to them being made prior to the name changes from what i have been reading. Edit. thanks to that info, 3rd infantry division is updated and working correctly, as well as 9th, gonna go through and fix this pack now that i have all the info i need for the regular infantry pack
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