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  1. BF is working on a "hot fix" patch for those who have this problem as I do. Just so you know.
  2. I am still having the same problems with QB's with anything American ie. Armour vs German tanks. pretty much anything to do with the "yanks" I thought the 3.12 patch was to correct this? I have scoured the forum for help. Again any help from you guys would be great.
  3. I am new here and I agree. BF has been very good to me with all my "Q"s and The mods that you people make are beyond words. Really makes the game and fun to pick and choose the mods to one's own style. Thanks.
  4. WoW... that's awesome Hey I am new and I have been looking for mods for the Base game of CMSF you happen to know where any good mods are? Thanks if you or any other know.
  5. I did the same its our crappy dollar vs us dollar at the moment. I paid the same. no worries
  6. Hello. I am very new to this site and would very much like these mods for CMFI/GL. I can't find them anywhere? They look very good. Thanks.
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