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  1. Spycossomatik

    CM helper 1.6.2 issue

    i had not install the game in the program files (x86). As the other CM i own, it's in an other file. I just don't understand why i got an issue with SF only...
  2. Spycossomatik

    Kieme's modding corner

    Love that!!
  3. Spycossomatik

    CM helper 1.6.2 issue

    Arg... I'm manually trying to install it. But the "CM SF" stay grey in the panel and says "not installed" I know that CMBS have a different folder to aim to detect him but i don't find another folder for SF to aim.
  4. Hi, I'm using CM helper 1.6.2 for my h2h games. It's working perfectly with CMBN (aller modules) and CMBS. But actually my CM Helper doesn't "detect" m'y CMSF (all modules) installation... Does anyone get the same problem?
  5. Spycossomatik

    Spotting question

    Thank you for hell
  6. Spycossomatik

    Spotting question

    If an unit is enough close to another one (voice distance) but they are not in the same company (or section), will they share informations about what they are seeing directly? (Sorry for my english ^^)