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  1. So it seems the problem is explained, I have Athlon XP... Looks like I have to buy a new PC... Thanks Schrullenhaft.
  2. Downloading (from two different locations, file size ok) and installation went without any problems. Tried installing in two different paths (although it is not important because it is Win XP). Still no joy. Frankly, now I'm a little hasitating whether to apply the 1.10 patch to the base game (which is running without a problem).
  3. Messed up the attachment in the first time, so I'm putting an another one.
  4. Hi there! I wanted to play a new demo version, to check how the game "feel" with new module. I have the base game and it works flawlessly (also no problems with SF with all the modules). To my surprise, demo crashes when starting it. Tried to install it in a different location (i have Win XP), the same thing. Running the game in an admin mode or as an ordinary user - the same thing. All I got is the thing on the screenshot below. What could be the problem?
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