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  1. Hi Hubert and Bill, How do I play SCWW1 & SCWWII & GOLD edition into a window if I only use a keyboard onscreen? My playing has reduced to nothing because lack of that feature. Can you help? Sincerely, Krista
  2. Even if Finland were on Germany's side, UK and USA helped Finland with food and such.
  3. If you have version 1.06, you can: 1. Make a copy of "SC-WWII Global Conflict.exe" 2. Rename the copy to "SC-WWII Global Conflict - v1.06.0.exe" 3. Update to version 1.07 Now you have both versions (or all). This is the way I update versions.
  4. I have installed the games to E: and my saved games are inside the program folder on Windows 7.
  5. I have ww1&ww2&gold, think I saw SC1 many years ago but my english was not good enough back then. It just seems on the cover that SC1&2&3 is basically the same as the others. Therefore I'm asking. I'm reading the forum about six times a week, but my opinions are few.
  6. What is the difference between SCWWI&WWII and SC1&2&3?
  7. I won a minor victory and it was my first win. lol I enjoy the game, but I'm not too good at thinking strategically in computer games, heh.
  8. Is it possible to play longer games as example 1914 - 1945? A game with 2 wws in one? Just a thought... Krista
  9. I use McAfee, but it did NOT detect any viruses. It installed perfectly.
  10. I'll try hotseat too! Good advice. Krista
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