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  1. Same here. Had to pay the post office another £15.76 to collect the game. £7.16 customs charge and £8 post office rip off fee. OOPS, I meant to say handling fee It has been discussed to death on these forums in the past and it is a chance you need to take if you want a hard copy. All but one of the games I've bought from BF had incurred a customs charge. I usually wait until I want three or four games/modules as you save on postage and only get hit with the handling fee once. Pre orders with limited edition items can be the exception if you already have everything else. Unless you ca
  2. Don't forget "yellow snow" "No plan survives contact with the next turn button"
  3. I hope they do. Most of the things you are looking for can be achieved with the existing game. No module required. Somebody will probably mod the ground textures and make scenarios. I would be looking for something more than that if I was to spend money on the product. Especially with the cost of shipping to Europe and import fees. Yes I know I can D/L the modules but what is the point of a nice limited edition case if you have nothing nice to put in it. Normandy, Italy etc. What is it you expect when the conflict setting is Ukraine and the story behind that setting? West v Russia
  4. Isn't that what we're doing? You seem to be the one with problem by deciding that you should get what you want at the expense of others. Scenarios are available for free thanks to the talented scenario designers. You won't need to buy this. Extra units and content usually are not free. You will need to buy this. I'm sure BF have a plan (a bit like the Cylons) and part of that plan will be to release modules that will appeal to the majority to sell as many as possible. No chance of my Ninja's. Lets face facts. European Nato units will probably be used as they are nearest t
  5. You're absolutely correct. Sod everybody else. BF, please only make modules that appeal to individuals. Personally I want a Ninja or Wizard of Oz Flying Monkey module before any stupid Nato troops come along and spoil things. "No plan survives contact with the next turn button"
  6. You mean like the Americans? "No plan survives contact with the next turn button"
  7. You really like to prove people right. "No plan survives contact with the next turn button"
  8. Hey Steve, My post was not aimed at you so why do you feel the need to reply and belittle your paying customers? You know, the people who keep you in business. My post was a reply to Sburke's ill informed post. A lot of people had issues with how this turned out. All you ever get on here is if you don't like it then go away. No one can complain or reply to the forum mouth pieces you seem to support so much. I was actually criticising another poster for their smug attitude. Any complaints I have had are mainly aimed at the people on these forums who think your company can do no wron
  9. Damn. Just noticed my spelling mistakes. Can't edit now. Lack of sleep and in a hurry = poor gramerr & speeling. "No plan survives contact with the next turn button"
  10. 1. NO, the problems were magnified because they released it to non pre orders too soon. 2. No logic in this statement because the problem would still be there if everybody waited until tomorrow unless the server issue was fixed. In which case this should have in place before announcing release to the world. Maybe we should have drawn lots. Somebody has to start downloading. 3. BF's server wasn't ready to cope. 4. Point 1 applies. 5. Despite the fact that pre orders should have been allowed at least a 24 hour window, the non pre orders have paid their money as well and are entitled to be an
  11. No, but I find this amusing. ATTENTION! We are offering these early downloads exclusively to pre-order customers as a reward for your trust and loyalty. In your best interest, please do not tell anyone else about it, or the download servers may be flooded with a lot of new customers, robbing you of your ability to download the game quickly. We didn't need to tell anybody about it as BF did it for us approximately 1 Hr after the emails were sent out. "No plan survives contact with the next turn button"
  12. Nightmare. Time to grab the pitchforks and light the torches. (insert smiley face here) "No plan survives contact with the next turn button"
  13. Cross everything. As I said, I got to 96% before I lost the connection (and almost the will to live). "No plan survives contact with the next turn button"
  14. Then why did BF release the game to the general masses so shortly after the pre order link went live? I'm pretty sure that not every one who pre ordered was sitting by their PC. They didn't really gain anything in the long run. There should have been at least a 24 hour window to avoid all this. Live and learn. I suppose you have the game? Any good? "No plan survives contact with the next turn button"
  15. I know how you feel. 96% I was so close. No cigar. I feel as if I have put my boxer shorts on back to front and touched my toes with this pre order. "No plan survives contact with the next turn button"
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