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  1. DeutschRitter

    Battle Back not showing up

    I purchased the Battle Pack and activated it but it is not shown in the game? What can I do?
  2. Hello Chris, a friend of mineĀ  visited me. We went out to a pub. He is upset about his girlfriend. I won't be at home. Just wanted to tell you. I can understand when you are upset. Cheers Alex

  3. DeutschRitter

    Road to Nijmegen: The Heuman Lock Bridge not playable

    I am playing the V4 Patch.
  4. DeutschRitter

    Road to Nijmegen: The Heuman Lock Bridge not playable

    Thank you for testing it. I thought that the issue maybe is caused by my machine/ installation. Ok! I didnt know the topic but thats very bad that there is still no fix.
  5. The Mission 18 from the Road to Nijmegen Campaign ist not playable. You cant beat the map. Soldiers dont cross the bridge. I uploaded the save file into my dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/546tjziowsdpboy/The Road to Nijmegen 007 bridge not crossing.bts?dl=0
  6. Thank you very much! I wrote you a PM.
  7. As I mentioned in a previous topic my brother and I have a weird issue playing a turn-based Lan game using hamachi or evolve. The issue is 100 percent repeatable. The one who hosts the game doesnt have an issue at all but the one who joins the game loses the ability to deploy heavy weapons. The button disapears. We tried everything (reinstall, router settings, new router!) but cant get rid of this issue. Now we are really desperate and I got the idea to ask someone of you to start a game with me to test it. The testing doesnt take much time: 1) We start a Battle or Quick Battle via hamachi or evolve 2) The one who joins buys a couple of HMGs 3) The one who joined gives some move orders with deploy command 4) Skip 3 to 5 turns. In our test runs always 50 percent of the HMGs lose the ability of deploying the weapon. It would be really nice, If someone is testing this with me. I live in Europe, Germany but I am willing to test this on every time because we are so desperate. We could use Skype or anything else to communicate. Thx ahead!
  8. DeutschRitter

    Cant Connect IP Adress

    Because I am so desperate: Would someone of you host a 2 player turn based lan game via hamachi or evolve to test my problem? You host a Quick Battle, I join the game, buy a couple of HMGs and we click 3 or 4 rounds. My brother is the only one I know who has the game. I live in germany but I am a night owl. I think we would find an appointment, if you are not from Europe.
  9. DeutschRitter

    Cant Connect IP Adress

    I will try to record a video. We have the same versions of the game.
  10. DeutschRitter

    Cant Connect IP Adress

    We tried Evolve. Same problem. The one who joins the game cant deploy weapons. We set static IPs but we can not connect without hamachi or evolve. Its so bad because we cant play the game together. It is so annoying .... Why do we have this f******* error with evolve or hamachi!
  11. DeutschRitter

    Cant Connect IP Adress

    My brother and I are having a big issue playing a mp turn based via the internet. When we are using hamachi, we can connect but the one who isnt the host gets an error with deployable weapons. When the game progresses after the first round deployable weapons cant be deployed anymore. The button in the ui isnt there anymore! So we think that this is maybe an issue with hamachi. We tried to connect without hamachi but we cant. we forwarded the needed 7023 tcp and udp ports but we cant connect. So my questions: 1) Is somebody using hamachi and is having the same issue? 2) Can somebody help us to connect without hamachi? Its very bad because we dont want to play via email. We are using skype and talking to each other and having fun like on a virtuel board game.
  12. DeutschRitter


    Ah Ok, thank you!
  13. DeutschRitter


    Hello, is it "right" that one soldier in each section has only a pistol? Kampfgruppe Rechts Campaign first mission:
  14. DeutschRitter

    4k and UI

    I upgraded to a 4k Monitor. Is there a way to scale the UI? CM runs fine and looks great in 4k but the UI is very small.