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  1. Is there also a version of the Alternate Silhouettes by Marco Bergman for Red Thunder? I cant find one 😕
  2. Miitary History Visualized released a nice video about Hedgerow Tactics in WW2 I wanted to share with you. I like his channel very much. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sbwU-KMH2k
  3. There is also a bug when playing "2 player via lan turn based" and you and your opponent are in the shopping window and you want to preview the map. There is a horrible sound destroying your speakers!
  4. Yes you are right. We opened a battle with a vehicle from the vehicle pack and there were two scenarios: 1) My brother opened the game (turn based via lan) and when we hit the red button to start the first round no unit was moving and after some seconds the game crashed. 2) When I opened the battle my brother got a message that something from the vehice pack is missing.
  5. My brother and I want to play a quick battle meeting engagement. The "problem" is that I own all modules and he doesnt. How can I see that the units I am buying are not from the vehicle pack for example because that would cause errors.
  6. Thx for the campaign! I havent played "In The Fields Where The Poppies Grow" and downloaded it. I have a question about this campaign: You say that you have used you own mods but I can only download the *.cam file. Where can I find the modtags and the mods for "In The Fields Where The Poppies Grow"? When I download "Fields of Tears" the mods for that campaign are included in the zip folder.
  7. Does even somoene of you guys here in he forum play the game turn based via the internet? I assume that the most, maybe all are playing it pbem. But maybe I am wrong. Anothert issue we have discovered is that move orders were deleted and not executed in the next turn. So: 3) Move orders are not executed randomly.
  8. Yes, we have tested it and it worked fine. But in the current game against my brother the issues occured later in the middle of the game. We have tested it very shortly. At that time we didnt have the issue with the heavy weapons I had before a lot against my broter, thats true! Maybe it is my PC, Firewall etc. But I have a brand new PC now, my brother too. I also have no Antivir Software installed like before, my brother too. My brother bought a new Fritzbox, the same I have. I did a lot - and really a lot - of google search, but we cant get a game to work. It is so frustrating.
  9. I have tried now for a couple of years playing CMBN via internet and turn based mode against my brother and we cant get a single game running without any issues! The issues are: 1) Weapon teams cant deploy their weapons anymore/ loose their weapons. 2) Disappearing soldiers. The weapon shilouettes are gone and the soldier models are gone. These are our major issues. We have tried everything. Writing the support, we did some forum posts here, nothing. My idea is that the turn based mode via lan is buggy as hell.
  10. I play the game with average 60 fps sometimes dropping to 35 fps. I also can use reshade crazy like hell without any losses of fps. My settings are: 3D Model Quality: Balanced (thats important!) 3D Texture Quality: Best Antialiasing and V-Sync on in the game settings I found that the nvidia settings are critical too for a good performance. When I use my graphic card settings for Antialiasing or Supersampling etc, then I lose about 20 fps. All my games have these settings (others not mentioned are default): Anisotropic Filtering: 16x OPGL Rendering: My graphic card Power Management Mode: Maximum Texture Filtering: High Quality Lod Bias: Clamp Trilinear Optimization: On Vertical Synchronization: fast My System: i7-8700k, 16GB RAM, GTX 1080 TI, SSD Drive, Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit
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