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  1. Just installed the 1.01 patch. Doh, doh, doh, doh, doh... Map is way smoother and I'm sure the turns move much faster. All saved games are moot but otherwise starting over.
  2. Dunno - would suggest changing the values back but you have probably already done that. I've very rarely ever had this game crash. The only other time I deleted the autosave file - I don't remember which one it was and picked up from a saved game. If all else fails just start over. I'm pretty darn impressed with this mod. From the British gunning for France early to sending the US fleet to protect what is left of the Northern part of England when they move their capital to Glasgow to the obvious mobility of the US fleet in the Pacific to continued pressure on Finland to the ominous threat of nuclear annihilation to absolute stubborn Chinese resistance. Honestly I think a human opponent might be easier to beat and I'm playing it on easy mod with no exp bonus for the computer. Would love to try a TCP/IP game. Oh I don't recall taking Indochina but the country seems to have capitulated but when I go to land a transport in Saigon it won't let me unload. Me thinks it got confused from a save game and a revert back to an autosave.
  3. Would like a match against an opponent playing Nupremal's Global Conflict Mod over tcp/ip. email albert682@yahoo.com
  4. Am I reading the decisions.txt script right in that eventually I will have my major cities decimated by nuclear weapons?
  5. Wonder if anyone else noticed that you can't attack Vichy France as the Axis?
  6. June of 1942 UK manages to land a tank group into Germany proper up by the canal and also manages to land a corp unit amidst my Luftwaffe blockade waging the battle of Britain by Lille. I had no intentions of invading before the British had expended most of their surface fleet. I just kept blowing up their amphibious transports and they kept sending them. So much so that the result was easy pickings for my stationed garrisons to launch their own amphibious landing on UK soil through two ports. After which they still disembarked a couple more units to die off at sea quickly destroyed by multiple carrier strikes from Europa and Graf Zeppelin. In May of 1942 I have an expanding spearhead in Moscow and poised to breakthrough heavy resistance to the USSR secondary capital. What is the ME? I'll look at the spreadsheet to see what other goodies I can expect.
  7. Nupremal thanks for the heads up on the loops. I'm just now starting to move the Japanese Fleet so good timing on that. Where is the sheet your referring to regarding naval classification? Also I find... with the Allied AI the soviets must have some great Icebreakers as they can move through ice. Also I launched Sealion after having fended off numerous landings by the British. The British didn't know when to quit and completely more or less emptied the Island as if evacuating as I dropped 6 corps 1 army 2 anti-aircraft batteries and the entire German Wehrmacht through two different ports. Not that I'm complaining at the evacuation of England or anything as they have been severely hampering the Italian expansion efforts in Egypt. Well the lettering is blue and large and when you have a lot of units stationed there it becomes difficult to see what units need upgrades.
  8. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada here. Twenty-Five long years ago in the rural southern Alberta town of Cowley I purchased with my summer job money a game called World in Flames. It was far too complex for me at the time being only fifteen years old. It did however start to make some sense after having it spread out on a large boardroom table. I always wondered what the Murmansk convoys were all about. That wonder created a natural inclination towards historical facts and a love for WWII history. The Encyclopedia Britannica would literally fall open to the aircraft. Well read to say the least. Graduated and did exceedingly well in Social Studies. Prior to graduating I programmed BASIC on Apple IIE. Purchased with more summer funds my own Apple IIC. Enjoyed playing Ultima although I could never understand what the one True Axiom was. Really like Star Trek board games during that time and played much D&D. Then came serious adulthood - A year or two early. Working in a small sawmill I helped build from the ground up I came close to loosing my right hand. Apparently I'm not all that wicked because I still have it. After healing up and graduating I followed what I knew best at the time and Graded more lumber. Ended up with a great Union Job and partied hard for a couple years. That included many long long weekends playing you guessed it Axis and Allies with an opponent as committed to the Allies cause as I was to the Axis. Fun times until the frozen hamburger started flying, lol. Moved on from that job after and scored another great Union job in the interior of British Columbia. Poor work ethic still though but I was enjoying my youth. That was right around the time Windows 95 came out. I recall toying with it some and always wondering who the hell the systems administrator was. That was until my Slackware CD's came in the mail. Startx and the rest was preplanned history. Stayed in BC for the most part semi-retired. Worked more or less when I wanted to. Was hard to work when you helped build and maintain a little golf course. The stress of it all, lol - I'd come up with any reason to blow off work back then - especially if the dial up was working good. Anyway more or less ten years later arrived in Calgary and took some cheesy computer training that only enforced my attitude about Microsoft products. I flipped the switch on my Linux server in 2002 and gave life to some fairly well traveled websites. I'd like to say I was one of the forerunners to modern social networking sites. I certainly had active members and they kept signing up fifty to seventy-five a day. Yeah those were the days. College on $3600.00 for the whole year. Man the quicker I could get out with my diploma the better and I was in and out in ten-months with honors. Stumbled across this great Milton-Bradly game on disk. It was called Axis and Allies. Played it whenever I had the chance. Still like to occasionally except I think my disk is scratched or rather yes that was it that is what led me to Battlefront - Axis and Allies wouldn't work on XP. So being out of the Sawmill career as I saw that industry heading downhill for a decade I moved into the natural career choice of oil and gas. The family had always had more heavy equipment and camps then they could keep working so every so often I would go build some ice road, haul water or grade road. By 2004 I was living in Edmonton and life was good. After having to put up with the life of a non-unionized employee for a couple of years I scored another Union Job operating equipment. My webservers by this time are still online and serving up pages to the entire world. My experience grows and so does the number of sites I host for myself. Around that time I'm doing about 1000 sites under 5 or so domains. Learned everything about Linux security and web development that I cared to and implemented with more long term goals in mind. 2007 discovered Lustre. Interesting I thought. 2008 pretty sure I purchased a good domain. 2009 started to trademark "IOIO Off To Work We Go". For Christmas in 2009 I pretty much built my own High Performance Compute Cluster to compensate for my lack of formal education. It looks nothing like http://ioio.ca/Lustre-tcp-bonding/Lustre-notes/network.jpg as I've since moved from Edmonton into my new home in rural central Alberta. I'm still pretty much semi retired and only have to work half the year. I fill a lot of my spare time playing computer games. I call it the software developmental life cycle, lol SDLC. When I'm damn well good and ready I'll program something nice to coordinate with the TM and the websites. Suffice to say though I've made a number of posts here since 2008 and well they appear to have got the axe for one reason or another. I might have been around to answer or contribute more but another game that I played some between Strategic Command was and I don't really want to repeat it least anyone decide to try and end up hooked on MMORPG was EverQuestII. Got into Strategic Command with Weapons and Warfare followed by Patton Drives East and now finally Global Conflict. I must say I'm exuberant with the new map that Nupremal has produced and after having gained access to the repository I very quickly stopped playing the other scenarios. I also purchased from Battlefront the Kursk 1943 game and enjoy playing that too. I can see if the maps for Strategic Command Global Conflict get any bigger I'm going to have to purchase a much larger monitor - I'm actually considering it because the 42" is getting a little small at this rate. I'm wondering if the entire map would fit on a 60" screen?
  9. So as the IJN what is the best way to get to the other side of the Pacific Ocean? I like the touch with Narvik. I captured Norway but the one Cruiser stayed on the port occupying it and next turn no less there was a transport dropping of a British Corp unit to deny the Iron/Ore shipments. Same with Algeria. Italians landed close to 10 units there and soundly defeated the Algerians but lo and behold there was the Jean Bart Algerian Battleship stowed away in Casablanca that required chasing off. Was offered to attack Pearl Harbor and for 250 MPP couldn't refuse. Same for my delinquent U-Boat fleet preoccupied with destroying the Russians Baltic fleet which is quite extensive I might add: 1 Battleship 2 cruisers, 2 destroyers and 2 subs. When offered 100 MPP to bring the USA into the war just to say I attacked convoy lines was a welcome gesture of realism. I find the game is comprehensive and well thought out historically. The historical images are great to view. I do contend with the starting Navies being that your calling Scharnhorst a battleship but your not calling Gneisenau her Sister Ship a battleship. If we are going there for that matter why are not the Graf Spree and the Lutzow considered battleships? Which derives the question... Can there become another category of Naval Shipbuilding to represent the various reflections in shipbuilding? Also, because I believe you have succeeded in modeling such a great map with expansive Oceans would it be possible to launch the game with true historical Navy Strengths? I see what we have now is very close. The text for Republic of China is quite annoying.
  10. Why are there arrows everywhere in the Oceans? Why do some work and others not work? I know probably for convenience sake as it is quite monotonous to have to move an entire fleet across the Pacific but then so you have arrived. The Jonston arrows wouldn't work same as the Honolulu arrows closer to Japan. Truk worked fine. Haven't had time to test the others. Why can't we have an entire row of arrows at the edge of the Map just like you had in your last mod Nupremal?
  11. This mod is hard. Tried it on difficult with no experience for the computer and soundly was obviously defeated early with no hope for Germany to break into Russia. Started over on Easy with no computer experience to get a feel for the mod. China well this time I'll do it right. Capture the major roads in the middle and control the entrance to the Silk Road. Germany hope for tech ups for tanks and infantry and pound the Russians early. On that note it says the Russians prepare for war in a pop-up but they don't actually declare. Good warning though to start reinforcing the Eastern Front. Still waiting for some long range aircraft and some movement modifiers but otherwise looking good. The map actually is a challenge and I find not too much wrong with the Allied AI so far as I have made it into the game. A very impressive mod so far. I'll mention it though - it takes a long time for the AI to respond - but hey quality takes time. If it could be coded in a different language or optimized more without forsaking the quality then that would be a bonus.
  12. Okay I uninstalled the game completely and did the patches through the updater that shows version I can't access through the mission generator the new German units when selecting a generic new map like Farmsteads. If I use the simple editor the units seem there but I'm not here to play with the simple editor to make one battle. I once saw the new units for the soviets on a completely random mission that I generated once. Is there a way to edit a file to have the new units inclusive to the existing campaigns?
  13. I had the same trouble with that hex. Was the last hex to clear and the armor piece used was sorely needed in England.
  14. Okay game just crashed I hope the auto save is not messed up as I don't think I saved at all only restarted on occasion. Okay well it is progressing on the Allied turn. Hope it works. Although I doubt I can slow the Russians as I've yet to take a major city in Russia and its almost 1942.
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