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  1. Try to set another key for screenshot in your settings/controls/interface
  2. That happens on assault on syrtsev mission if you choose more than (i think) 7 tanks, looks like there wasnt enaugh placeholders.
  3. No more problems with the english demo, thanks for help
  4. DL it now, thanks for the english demo!
  5. Yes, when i turn on HDR all works fine but then i can't enable AA and the perfomance is also much better without HDR. At the moment i'm back to 182.50 but i tried out several drivers up to 195.62 with the same result. I use enhancer for my videosettings and i've tried out many differend settings and also disabled. Here are my current settings:
  6. As soon i disable HDR modus i've some visual bugs with water and trees. I use Win XP and a Geforce 8800-GTS.
  7. Quick fix to replace the buggy matfiles for all PzIII types and PzIIf wheels, just unpack in your ToW_kursk_demo maindirectory. http://www.filefront.com/14866841/PzIII_fixed_wheels.rar
  8. rofl

    Jsh 1.3.5

    I think that brings me back to ToW, at least the 8.8 Thanks for your work guys
  9. Great Yes, i used two from an US officer and they was defitly smokenades Great, thanks for qick answers Sneaksie
  10. - you can't set waypoints with a few on ground and then enter a building or a vehicle, they lost WP and take direct way to enter building/vehicle - infantry can only drop two times smokegranades, if you pick up a new one from a KIA soldier its not possible to use them - no shortcuts for stay, prone and lay down
  11. Thanks Sneaksie! My stupidness because i didnt saw the interface configuration in the controls. But shortcuts for aiming high, middle and low was not possible like in ToW-1?
  12. In the user folder we have the keys.ini like in ToW-1 but i cant change those keys like hide panel because they used numbers instead of letters like in ToW-1. I want to change them to my ToW-1 keys but its not possible . Example the GUI keys: [GUI] hide_panels -1 || -1 multiplayerchattalk -1 || -1 multiplayerchatyell 89 || -1 vehiclecharacteristics 75 || -1 time2xspeed 8 || -1 save 116 || -1 load 117 || -1 inventory 73 || -1 messagelog 76 || -1 cameratopdownview 77 || -1 unitinfoicon 112 || -1 view_sectors 113 || -1 viewtargetarrow 114 || -1 exit 18&88 || 17&115 My keys in ToW-1: [GUI] time2xspeed NumPad+ || _NONE_ savemenu Ctrl S || _NONE_ loadmenu Ctrl L || _NONE_ save F5 || _NONE_ load F6 || _NONE_ briefingmenu I || _NONE_ optionsmenu O || _NONE_ availableitemstoggle B || _NONE_ mainpanel Ctrl Q || _NONE_ unitinfoicon Z || _NONE_ view_sectors Y || _NONE_ viewtargetarrow V || X exit Alt X || Alt F4 The other ToW-1 feature i miss is to aim for for differend parts like turret, body and tracks and the inventory button, i could only found the autopickup best item.
  13. I think just overwrite the 3dobj and data folder should also work with JSH mod because windows addet only the new files and keep the old files, but myabe i'm wrong. Unfortunately i cant use JSH and try that out because a i have tons of modifed files and they was not compatible . If you want to use the red numbers all tigerskins will use them and i also reduced them to 3 numbers instead of 4! http://hosted.filefront.com/rofl21/
  14. Just extract both folders in your ToW main directory then it works
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