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  1. Tartari Check PM mate. Good news fellows!
  2. Great news & good job! Looking forward to getting back to making some maps & missions for this. So much more enjoyable than fixing zfs appliances! One peice of knowledge I could do with is how you properly convert TOW1 maps. There's the Bulldogs maps & a bunch that I never released that could be really good especially with some tweaking with extra statics. These include at least 3 finished maps for the 101st/82nd campaign that nearly made it off the ground & 1 or 2 Market Garden maps I made for sh!ts & giggles. RL (2 kids & working for a startup) dictates that I rarely get time to mod these days so dont have the opportunity to do my own research. Tartari, I am really looking forward to playing with your work mate, I'm sure I'll break something!
  3. Arzok, I'd be interested to know how you convert the TOW1 maps as the method I have been using is very inefficient. Gnasher
  4. Looks like you need to do a minimap for the map Arzok. Good job all!
  5. Don't worry about the tress they can be readded & the newer trees are much better than TOW1 trees.
  6. I'm up for updating my maps, send me a PM
  7. Salut Tartari , Take your time mate, do it right! Just pm me a link for ToW1 statics, I'd like to get cracking on rebuilding some Bulldogs maps. I have a bunch of other as yet unreleased maps as well from that campaign we never got around to doing.
  8. IMHO it didn't sell well because the SP missions were single solution & ridiculously hard & that MP was a complete failure. If MP had been given more love then things might have been different.
  9. Gents, Please either post or PM me links & I will get to work! Knokke, Pls see PM If there is a link or tips on porting ToW1 maps over to ToW3, please share, I have some work to do. I re did 3 of the ~20 custom maps I have by hand from scratch. It would take me years to port them all by hand. Cheers lads Gnasher
  10. Couple of questions:- Will Knokke's superb Typhoon be included in the mod? Are the TOW1 statics enterable? Does anyone know of a way to port a TOW1 map to later versions other than taking the maintex & farmaintex & starting again from stratch? I can feel a Bulldogs redux coming on. I also have a Overlord US Paratroop campaign unreleased which would make a nice port over.
  11. As there are no flame throwers, I doubt a Crocodile is possible without the devs implementing them. Shame this hasn't been done yet really.. As to converting Bulldogs, that would take a very long time, I've been working on 3 maps to add to the Brit campaign that would work into Operation Jupiter, Maltot, Eterville & South Cheux. I've found map building much harder & time consuming for ToW2. Previously it would take me about a week to get a map nailed, with the new editor it's taken alot longer & neither map is of sufficient quality that I would release yet. It would have been really nice if 1C had supplied the blank maps for ToW2 as they did for the original game, especially if the terrain was not so damned high over the water table as in the current maps which I've been converting from. This has made the Odon bridgehead maps a nightmare to produce ( I gave up on Gavrus ). Si vous Arzok, Tartari, Knoke & aiderait à faire un bon Mod Normandie, je serais heureux de vous aider mes amis!
  12. Yes it's alot of work, IMO alot more than tow1....
  13. Been away far a while due to the BF thinking I was a hacker....... Great job looks fantastic! Maybe I'll look at releasing some of the Bulldogs maps I've remade for Caen. Few things I could do with for this though guys to add to the immersion (Maybe these have already been done? IDK ):- A Typhoon instead of those bloody naff P38s which really fowl things up historically. Churchill Crocodile to give 1st & 2nd SS Panzer Corps some napalm love! A decent church building (imported/converted from tow1?). Dont know why this wasn't included, obviously the devs have never been anywhere near Normandy to not include at least 1 vaguely looking Norman Chruch static. 17lb AT gun
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