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  1. Ironically, the alt-tab solution now works for me. thank you for the response. I was relieved to get some answers!
  2. George's Blowtorch scenarios are EXCELLENT! many an hour has passed playing those. he's a great guy as well. win-win!
  3. hey all. long time CMBB fan here. played for years. recently, I went back to the game and when started up, everything works fine, game starts, except there are no text/fonts in any of the game menus/screens! it's really wierd, as if some file got corrupted or something. game's been modified only to the extent of new trees, maps, tank skins, etc. been that way for a long time and worked fine. any ideas? thanks in advance!!!
  4. wow, those screenies looked great. CMBB and CMAK have never left my hard drive anyways (still playing both), but this release would just be gravy!!
  5. wow, any news of progress on this is most welcome. keeping fingers crossed! (hey, Vergeltungswaffe, long time no see!! ).
  6. Red Orchestra is alot of fun. Been playing that since it's release.
  7. ah, you can always count on this place for some fantastic slams against the Germans by the soviet apologia crowd. beautiful!
  8. I got both (CMBB and CMAK) from Direct to Drive (www.direct2drive.com). never looked back, 100s of playing hours later!
  9. Yeah we know where "England" is but where is "ENLAND" </font>
  10. nice link! someone should buy all the ones from the soviet museums, and re-paint them properly. jeebus, they look like little anatoly got to paint them with some spray paint and crayons from school. :eek:
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