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  1. Brest is, of course, also famous for chickens -- poulets de Brest -- Xwormword's fun with this, may never end ;-) I mean, breasts and all - - -
  2. The problem here is that with different screen resolutions, and different sizes of monitors, what is the extreme left and extreme right on your screen may very well not even be on my screen -- or vice versa :-)
  3. Order Of Battle. a listing of military units, often with equipment, location, and other relevant information. -- Wikipedia --
  4. Something in between is probably the best solution. IMHO GC's map is too small. Nupremal's is a WOW job, but it brings my system to an absolute crawl.
  5. A couple of points. The USA drafted 10 million men during WWII. There were also about 6 million men and women who volunteered. 16 million served during the course of the war -- but the high at any one time was 12.3 million. The USSR mobilized a total of 23 - 29 million. The totals vary depending on how you count the contributions from various "republics" and territories beyond Russia itself. How many were "drafted" and how many "volunteered" is an open question. The USSR suffered an estimated 12.5 million military fatalities, and 7 million civilian. By any standard, the cost in human lives to the USSR was greater than for any other participant -- both military and civilian.
  6. Mine came in the mail this morning. Moon, you're probably right about Canada Customs causing the delay -- although they didn't charge us anything. Just for the record, my old eyes CANNOT read the manual without the aid of a magnifier. From a marketing point of view, you probably would have been better off leaving it out altogether, as you suggest will probably be done in the future. The PDF version with the game is great.
  7. Elliott: I'm Canada too (Toronto, no less -- Canda Post's business centre) and I haven't received mine either. Although from what I read here, we're not missing much. I wonder if HC (also in T.O.) has received his. And is he happy with Fury's promotional and marketing efforts on behalf of his "baby"
  8. Snowstorm: Yeh, I can see where those extra 50 pages really are a game-changer
  9. Martin: You can't be serious. Where are you selling "off the shelf"? Estonia? What percentage of your customers DON'T buy off the shelf? Also, please note that many suppliers have more than one package format to accomodate different retail requirements. This isn't rocket science. I've just been looking at the manual for SC2 Blitzkreig -- nice job, that one!
  10. I haven't received it yet either, but it seems a bit counter-logical to base the font size of the printed manual on the number of pages you have to fit into a DVD case ????
  11. Just checked the Repository, Nupremal, your mod is no longer showing there ??
  12. A question for Nupremal: Why so many arrows/loops? Since you have modded the entire globe, couldn't you just let the naval units sail on?
  13. I think that I get what Big Al is trying to do with his map, but I have difficulty getting my head around the split version -- probably says more about my limited imagination than Big Al's ceativity. Possibly Xwormword is right; and that something between Nupremal's superb world map and the inadequate effort published by Fury has to be the compromise that will sell to a larger audience. But I still would love to see a fully scripted version of Nupremal's work that we could play against the AI. Nupremal, I'm prepared to BUY it from YOU. In the past I have advance purchased every one of HC's games. But after GC, I am going to take a good look at the demo on the next one before I buy, since thus far GC has been a bit of a disappointment.
  14. I endorse Bowenw's comments. At the very least, Fury should contract out to these two modders, and make the results available to those who forked over $45 for a game that has, to a greater or lesser extent, failed to live up to the promise of HC's previous efforts.
  15. NUPREMAL -- your map is absolutely outstanding!! Congratulations on what must have been a lengthy and difficult task. THIS is the map that should have been used (and still SHOULD be used) for this game. Hubert: Over to you. IMHO the vanila map is the major drawback to GC.
  16. And, if I'm not mistaken, Hubert is Canadian. In Canada you don't run for the Senate, you are appointed. Very democratic, n'est-ce pas?
  17. I'll buy a copy. I've bought everything that you've produced so far. Although, with GC, I have -- for the first time -- been a little bit disappointed -- mostly by the scale of the map, when the program allows for a much larger one. I doubt that I have the skill or the time to attempt to do it on my own with the Editor.
  18. A larger map is definitely needed. I get the arguments in favour of the current map, but it doesn't work very well for me. I'd be happier with longer cycle times and a better, bigger map.
  19. Is there a reason that the map for GC did not use the 512 x 256 format? In other words, would it be a mistake to try to mod this?
  20. Is it only me, or are there too many Announcements at the top of this forum? There is really only one Announcement that we are all looking for now !!
  21. Sorry JJR. You credited your source (Wikipedia) for the post on the Doolittle Raid, as you should have done. But the post on Ike was not credited. The average person would assume, then, that you had written it. There is a term for this. It's called "plagiarism". You could check that out with Wikipedia, too.
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