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  1. Hi Baron welcome, do you remember a civil war computer game called Shiloh? Graphics not too good but I was just getting into computer war gamming and I wanted to be a great civil war general but boy did I get deflated, nobody obeyed my orders my units went in different directions and got mauled, I was worse than Burnside if thats possible. This started me in reading about the civil war in detail and when I read the battle of Shiloh I found out that Grants messages not only were garbled by the time they got to his subordinates but a lot of messages never got to them, I felt vindicated by this
  2. Was not a dig Snowstorm, one question leads to another and one word different we are off and running, I think I am going to e-mail Jolly Joe Timmer that your causing trouble in Bethelem.:confused: Bo
  3. Tough keeping people on tract and on the threads huh Snow:D Bo
  4. Gothic? if that means old well your correct, played the demo on Patton did not like it. Besides he was probably murdered by his own country men for wanting to do just that, attacking the Soviets. I know conspiracy freak.[ME] Bo
  5. Yes I was but never played you, why would I give you another scalp to hang on your trophy board, I never played pbem until 3 weeks ago and that is on a game by another company, you probably remember my name because I complain alot about the AI and anything else I can think of, thank you for remembering me. Bo Willy
  6. My name is Bo I guess, used to be Willycube until I change to Verizon. I am by nature negative, skeptical and a poor loser especially against an AI, I would like to learn to play pbem with people in the Global game coming hopefully soon, I tend to whine when things dont go my way. My favorite author is Thomas Paine who wrote the greatest pamhlet ever written called common sense which I dont use to often:confused: I was a member of the 501st divarty of the 101st airborne before helicopters, just missed Nam thank god, married with two sons two great daughter-in-laws and three charming grandchild
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