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  1. I wanted to see if there is anyone in this community willing to make some custom force selections and AI plans for a few maps (CMFI) per my spec? If so, PM me and I'll give you some instructions and proposed maps. Thank you, Mark
  2. One approach I have taken for playing with large numbers of infantry (and out of laziness) is to just detach a small recon force and leave the rest behind in the rear area as a reserve. Once contact is made I move in only what I think is necessary to deal with the threat and focus on the point of contact as a abstract objective. I'm still inclined to bring in heavy weapons and tanks over a smashing force of infantry. There is of course great satisfaction in taking a localized area of the map but because of the time constraint and the fact that I've not mobilized most of my infantry to deal with the rest of the map, I usually end up losing the the battle. On a side note, am I even using my infantry the correct way? Meaning, for battles that I win, I usually use my infantry as 'bait' to reveal and locate enemy positions and use mortars, tanks and artillery to take them out rather than taking the positions with an appropriate amount of infantry. Like I stated before, in the AAR my infantry usually account for very little of the enemy losses. Is this typical? All thoughts welcomed, -Mark
  3. Love the CM2 platform for a variety of reasons but am I the only one that finds it tedious and daunting to manage anything more than a few platoons of infantry? And once you start splitting infantry up into teams and trying to use them with sound coordinated tactics, the workload obviously multiplies. Furthermore, when the bullets start flying and units get spread out and disorganized, my willingness to control them with same level of detail as before goes out the window. Am I too focused on micromanaging? For large engagement with a company or more of infantry, is it better to use generalized grouped orders and not be as concerned with organization and losses? In my combined arms battles I consistently find my infantry to be responsible for very few enemy casualties as compared to my mortars, tanks and artillery. Any tips from the CM2 veterans out there on how to organize and manage large formations of infantry and still keep the game fun? Thanks, -Mark
  4. All good suggestions... but does anyone know what the various plane sounds mean? Just because you hear a plane fly by on a particular turn, does it always mean a strafe or bomb drop coming on the next turn? Also, can you tell when the plane is leaving and/or not coming back?
  5. I haven't played very many scenarios where there is air cover... I'm just a bit confused by the various sounds that you hear as a plane is covering the map. Has anyone been able to notice any patterns or use the sounds as an indicator as to what will happen next and how soon or later or for how long? Also, if you don't have any AA assets deployed what are some things you can do to foil an air strike or minimize it's effects? Obviously getting infantry into a building is a great start but what else? Thank you, -Mark
  6. Have CMFI upgraded to the 4.0 engine and I'm getting blank or missing textures on shermans. Any ideas?
  7. Progress report... purchased the v3.0 upgrade and now I have command lines! All is right with the world and I can sleep comfortably at night now. -Mark
  8. @IanL - Ah I see... It's an upgrade that I have to pay for. I thought it was included with the Gustav Line bundle. Thank you for clarifying. -Mark
  9. @Blazing 88's and @badger yes I tried that and nothing happened... When I check the hotkeys menu there is no option at all there for toggling command lines.
  10. Mine says v1.12 in the lower right and my splash screen shows the Gustav Line icon... I thought I bought the same Gustav Line bundle and then added the patch. If I didn't do something correctly with the purchase or the patch, it may explain why I haven't been able to play the modified QB/scenario you and kohlenklau tweaked out. I copied and pasted the description from the confirmation email of what I paid for an downloaded: CMFI + Gustav Line BUNDLE (Delivery: Download Only CFI1-PC-DW $65.00 $65.00 and I downloaded and installed this patch: http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_versions&Itemid=317#CM: Fortress Italy PC Is this all correct to have the latest version and patch? -Mark
  11. @kohlenklau - FYI, I downloaded this file and put it in my scenario folder for CMFI and can't seem to find it when I try to selected from the 'Battle' menu. I also loaded it in the scenario editor to see if something was corrupt with it and it seems to not have any parameters or units set... It didn't even have a map other than the stock flat grass map that is defaulted when you first create a new scenario. Maybe it's a problem on my end? Anyone else? -Mark
  12. I recently purchased CMFI/Gustav Line... I can't seem to get the command lines toggle to work. I even downloaded and installed the v1.12 patch. Are command lines simply not an option for CMFI right now? Thank you, Mark
  13. @Blazing 88's - wow didn't know something like this existed! Thanks for sharing and I will be sure to check it out in more detail... @Heirloom_Tomato - thanks for the offer... I have CMFI so I'll try a out a map or two! @Heirloom_Tomato and @Meach - How would you feel if I sent you guys a map each with a point limit so you can purchase the defenders forces within that limit, compose defensive plans for them and save as an unfinished scenario to send back to me? Then I can purchase my forces (without looking at what you picked of course), save and then play as a quasi quick battle? -Mark
  14. SlySniper, I hear ya and I do of course play H2H as well as scenarios in CMx2 and enjoy them very much... but sometimes a QB is all I have time for. H2H can be a lengthy endeavor and after one has played most of the scenarios that come with the game, it takes a bit of time hunting to find a new scenario that fits the size, terrain and force selection that you are in the mood for. Although CMx2 is superior in so many ways to CMx1, QB's in CMx1 give me more of what I'm looking for. And I only came to this revelation after going back to CMx1 on a recent whim. No disrespect to any of the developers or scenario authors of CMx2, but I was just voicing my opinion and checking in to see if I am the only one that feels this way. And to Meach... I suppose something can be done given my limited understanding of the capabilities of the editor... I've messed around with it a few times but will admit that I don't understand all details or have anywhere near the skill to make scenario or amend a map myself. But would it not be possible to amend the stock probe/attack/assault QB's maps with additional defensive AI plans that are a bit more complex and dynamic? For example, adding a trigger or triggers to have units converge towards an objective and take up new positions once units of the human controlled army are within a threatening distance of the objective? And as I understand it, the AI can't call in artillery on it's own but can't the timing of the barrages be varied a bit so they don't always start falling so predictably on turn 1? And speaking of triggers and artillery, can artillery be associated with a trigger? If so that alone would be a huge improvement that could be implemented for the current selection of QB maps. I suppose the real challenge would be getting an independent group of scenario makers to go back through all the stock QB's and amend them and make them available for download or have BF roll them into a patch. I of course could learn to do it myself and take on a few maps that I may want to play, but then that sort of defeats the element of being surprised. -Mark
  15. I see and understand what you are all saying, but I'm comparing the quality of fight of the defending AI in QB's in each CM platform. Would you not all agree that attacking the AI in a QB in CMx2 is not as challenging as it is in CMx1? Defending AI armor in CMx2 just seems to sit there and once you spot it you can usually outflank it and mount an attack pretty easily, depending on the terrain. Furthermore, I didn't even compare artillery barrages between the two platforms. Defending AI in CMx2 in QB's is so predictable and easy to foil.... in my experience barrages always come down in the obvious avenues of approach on the first turn. Once you know this all you have to do is wait 5 min before you have any of your forces leave the setup zone. In CMx1 barrages are a real threat that can come down anywhere on a portion of your forces that are within visual of the enemy FO. I understand AI routines in CMx1 are simple but in comparing attacking QB's between the two platforms, the simpler defending AI routines seems to give a better fight. I suppose the real issue for my complaint for QB's fights in CMx2 comes down to how the defending AI plans have been written for all the maps. Despite the ability to have multiple AI plans written for a map, the defending AI plans seem to have all been written with the same basic static strategy. And I know hundreds of QB maps have been crafted for CMx2 by talented authors but the random map generation for CMx1is greatly missed. -Mark
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