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  1. Hehe...sort of... No one's ever satisfied...
  2. I played it through today, and had a great time. Thank you Mishga. Attractive and interesting maps. It definitely is 'way too easy, but shooting fish in a barrel could be rewarding if you've been having your bait cleaned off your hook all day long at the pier. I ended up with 8 casualties and 4 vehicles lost, and I was kind of rushing and taking chances. Maybe it should be the human Red against Blue AI? I agree that the Blue armor ought to be at least halved, SPOILER | | | and allowing the Blue player to take out much of the red armor by just picking the right start/setup position on the map isn't fair to red. If Red was just sheltered from immediate Blue attack, that would be helpful.
  3. I would really like this topic shut down or moved. If I want to get upset and angry at a process that convinces no one of anything and just makes me think less of guys I otherwise could have a good conversation with, I can go to a general topic forum or any of a million other web sites.
  4. Neat pic, Thomm...except that I think the owner was dynamiting the building himself after he realized that he built 50 miles away from any services or utilities... Here's one of my Strykers as one of Mark Ezra's marksmen misses by inches... Note missile going just over top...
  5. Comrade Ezra! Happy May Day to you! Is your old pal Joey Stalin! I am "channeling" through Comrade RuhrRiver to greet you and all the comrades on this Workers' Paradise, "CMSF Forum," on this wonderful holiday! Is good, no? I send you a picture: Caption say: "Is many May Day flowers for all peoples in USSR--eat them and be thankful for extra ration!" Funny joke, no? Two of them complained and had to be liquidated, but did not put--how you say--a "cramp" in the celebration! Everyone very jolly after that! --Your Pal Joey Stalin [ May 01, 2008, 03:13 PM: Message edited by: RuhrRiver ]
  6. Unbearably cute Squirrel Force patch, but what is it with the squirrels??? Maybe we're descended from squirrels? War is nuts? (all pics found on the web pretty quickly...)
  7. haud by no means tactus touch suus its lamnia nutshells "Whatever you do, don't touch its nuts?"
  8. Other pixel commanders may boast about their brave, gallant, heroic, blah-blah-blah units; but not this CO---nuh-uh, no sir, no way. My boys hit the dirt and try their damndest to get under it when the lead (and depleted uranium and copper cores and whatnot) starts to fly. All the lads in my units have been in what we call "fetal battle positions" longer than most fetuses. Part of the secret to my troops' readiness to make like roto-tillers is our constant "Kower Klass" drilling. It's exhausting and dangerous to practice diving for cover on, say, concrete, but when fighting from a rooftop, who survives--the idiot who stands up and tries to fire his weapon, or the crafty cowerer who curls up in a ball, saving his ammo and his strength for the key battles that take place back at the base in the chow line or dodging paper cuts while filling out transfer forms?? True, situational awareness suffers somewhat when one makes like an armadillo facing a coyote, but I think my boys have earned the right for this special unit patch: "Kings of Kower." Our motto comes from an old Bill Mauldin cartoon: "I can't get no lower--my buttons are in the way."
  9. Nice shot. Highlights the massive humvee armor... : ]
  10. Steve was correct: Although these guys also purport to be the four horsemen of the pork lips...
  11. Thank you for that clarification, Mark. But how do you explain this screen shot from my upcoming scenario: "Mission: Take Everest!" (from the "Totally Lost" series)? Isn't the cursor committing a cruel deception by indicating that they can in fact summit Sagarmatha?
  12. How can you "occupy" terrain that you can't get to? Also, same problem with vehicles--cursor shows that the vehicles can pass over the terrain, but they can't when I try it. EDIT: Oh, wait--you meant that if I held the cursor over passable terrain it would be green but wouldn't indicate that you can't reach that spot. I understand that. But note that the cursor is suggesting I can get to a spot 2/3's up the sheer rock face--on the rock itself--and that isn't possible. Mark Ezra said they couldn't get to this on this revision--so it is something to look out for. [ April 05, 2008, 02:40 PM: Message edited by: RuhrRiver ]
  13. I used to think so, Pvt. Ryan, but in the current email QB game I'm playing, the cursor indicated that a lengthy section of fairly sheer cliff was passable--so I wasted a couple of turns until I discovered that the cursor was not accurate in this case and the rock was impassable. Mark Ezra has sent this problem to BF, but it is also occuring in 1.08 (same QB). Note in the pic below my troops (red circle) at the bottom of the rock face are being told by the cursor (white circle) that I can climb up there---but I can't.
  14. Is there any way Charles could program the UI so that it would be able to pick up my thoughts about where I wanted units to move to? I'd pay up to ten dollars more for that ability, as long as I didn't have to wear an aluminum foil hat or anything...
  15. Oh, right, good point. "Almost" unretouched. The floating guys with no vehicle to hold them up was widely noted in earlier versions...
  16. Amphetamine Raceway! Great rap, LongLeftFlank!
  17. Great pics, NormalDude! Especially the Bradley with the missle homing in, and the one above (Stryker hit at night).
  18. Mark, I think you should show the entire picture; otherwise the troops' motivation isn't clear...
  19. Ah Ha! Good thing you used one of the other season's openings! : ) I just have a weakness for the one that talked about "the signpost up ahead"
  20. "You're traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead - your next stop, the Twilight Zone!" For your consideration: One very lost Stryker unit somewhere in the Syrian hinterlands. As they approach this hilltop complex, they expect to find enemy--perhaps a secret complex with elite troops standing guard. But what they find they could not have anticipated in their wildest dreams: an attack by a bizarre mirror image--something only glimpsed in Mark Ezra created the battle, which is pretty bizarre in or out of the TLZone. The above was one idea I had for a briefing pic. I think blue on blue battles are a real challenge and hey--we've already gotten close to US Army vs. US Contractors in Iraq; I see more possibilities...like, in October Bush decides to invade Syria as a boost to the McCain's chances, but Cheney persuades him to use all independent contractors. When the new president (a Democrat) is sworn in, s(he) cuts off funding to the mercenaries--I mean, contractors, leading them to take over Damascus---and, as it turns out, Cheney gave them nuclear weapons! Meanwhile, the contractors' leader, Colonel Kurtz, is....uh, I think I'll stop here. I don't want to write Dale Brown's entire next novel for him...
  21. Okay, I'll try one: "Lieutenant, I don't recall Twister being this hard..."
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