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  1. Um, shouldn't there be a lot more posts from Master Goodale in this thread? Let alone TNT. . .
  2. #11) "Jazz Hands." This can be animated separately or in conjunction with the excellent "leg units do a flip upon exiting vehicles" suggestion. Also, on the chance that I could be added to CM:AK (another excellent suggestion; this thread is in fact filled with them), I have super-imposed my image on many pictures and maps of Africa. Finally, as a suspected Australopithecus, it could be argued that I have relatives who were on continent long before Rommel or any of his King Tigers showed up. [edited to reduce the number of "also's."]
  3. I have a number of requests & suggestions. All would clearly improve the experience. #1) I would like to be included in future releases. I would be a very popular unit, so should probably have my own side. That should be purple. I should be able to dance very well. #2) The use of any armored vehicles OR leg-unit exit from any building should be accompanied by sound clips from "Who Let the Dogs Out." #3) Better modeling of thumbwrestling. Currently, this is far too abstract. #4) Hand-to-hand combat should occasionally be resolved by fish-slapping. #5) Supermodel cameos. #6) Make select armored units available for corporate sponsorship decals. All such units will subsequently only be allowed to turn left. #7) Better modeling of feng-shui in editor and maps. #8) Inappropriate and ill-timed references to "The Muscles from Bussels." #9) Two words: Legos #10) More grass mods.
  4. I'm interested in anyone seeking PBEM play; please feel free to send me an email cosmo.planetesimal@gmail.com or post here. I have pretty good availability this weekend (7/28 - 7/29 Pacific) and decent availability during the weekdays. In other words, multiple turns per hour should not be a problem. I'm open to suggestions on better places to post this. I have installed the BFC toolbar per Moon's suggestion, but currently there doesn't appear to be anyone in chat. I am NOT offering myself as a challenging opponent! But I'd like to believe I'm better than the AI. At this point, I'm not interested in Real-time play; I'm just not familiar or comfortable enough with the commands and interface at the moment. [edited title on the chance a potential opponent thinks I can't find the pbem feature] [ July 28, 2007, 05:20 PM: Message edited by: olduvai_again ]
  5. Fyi, protocol requires slightly different language: "BFC, please fix or do somefink!"
  6. Excellent; thanks much for both quick responses. Of course, this means I don't have an excuse to miss work tomorrow for fear of missing the Mother Beautiful Announcement!
  7. My apologies if this has been answered elsewhere. Is there any licensing issue with downloading on one computer and installing on another? I had planned to take advantage of my office's bandwidth by downloading to an office computer, burning the file to a cd (w/o installing), and then installing on my home computer via the newly-burnt cd. I am pretty unfamiliar with the elicensing program Battlefront is using, and I am concerned that my methodology might not work.
  8. Actually, I still think it's called Tuesday. But I'm all for changing it to Distribution! While we're at it, let's move "Q" lower down in the alphabet. Really doesn't make sense that it's before "S" and "T," for example.
  9. I suspect there aren't a whole lot of governments with the military capacity to take out a large number of satellites at the moment, so I'm guessing this is not a huge concern. Likewise a conflict involving the destruction of satellites is probably going to look a lot more like a World War III than the current conflict. Which I suspect would mean (in at least the case of artillery) that precision guided munitions might not be as important (or at least using AE wouldn't have the same civilian political repercussions). Now, who knows what the future may bring. The Chinese for example do seem to be intent on upgrading their space program which could certainly mean a large-scale anti-satellite capability down the road. Likewise, any future that sees a significant build up of Russian forces to the point of a hot US/Russia conflict would probably also mean an increase in their military space capability. Japan has an orbital capacity, and the European Space Agency obviously could put dangerous things in orbit; however a large scale military conflict with either of the latter seems even less likely than with either of the former. Regardless, I suspect that any large-scale capacity to take out US satellites is probably at least a decade away, which would give even a slow-to-respond-to-changes bureaucracy (such as the US military) to respond in any number of ways (hardened satellites? Unmothballing old artillery tubes? Building new ones? Recruitment of Giant Space Lobsters to counter the Red Space Threat? The elevation of Peng denizens to high military council?). This is all rampant speculation on my part and I retain the right to equivocate in the light of any subsequent illuminating posts. I don't think unmothballing is a word, but it is kind of fun to say.
  10. Guttersnipe, I suggest to you that when BF is confident about the download being available they will undoubtedly post that information. You might even consider that their post regarding preorders being available for download prior to April 19th is exactly what you asked for -- an explanation of "when downloads might reasonable be expected to start?" Yes, they've missed that, and yes, they probably could have provided better communication about what and why that happened. However, to assume that they know the date or time of release now and haven't posted I would suggest is wrong -- I doubt very much they want to annoy any one else by posting a date or time and then miss it again. When they know it will work, they'll post the info. I'll admit I am a complete fanboy of BF, and you may assume that my post is a defense based on that. You're wrong. I'm a fanboy because BF has consistently released some of the most enjoyable computer games I have ever played. Furthermore, their customer service, communication, and fan interaction are vastly superior to any other organization I have dealt with in my life, regardless of industry. One of the things they seem exceptionally good at is learning from their mistakes. You can bet they will do things differently for any subsequent release. I'm not saying you're wrong to be frustrated, annoyed, despairing -- however you would describe your reaction. I'm saying that from my experience with BF, you are better off giving them the benefit of the doubt than anything else, and you probably won't be disappointed. For what it's worth, they have yet to disappoint me.
  11. Ok, I'll admit spelling it isn't as fun as saying it.
  12. Aamram is a lot of fun to say, and therefore -- along with anti-missile missile -- should be used with abandon and glee in any serious missile-ish discussion.
  13. It is quite possible I underestimate the sophistication of airbag sensors. My gut tells me the requirements for an airbag sensitive enough to deploy in military accidents (rollovers, collisions) but not in combat conditions are different than the requirements of civilian airbags. However, my gut is relatively uninformed.
  14. How often is your car shot at with 7.62mm rounds and/or rpg warheads? I would think until those tests are made, any comparisons between airbag sensors on civilian vehicles and theoretical deployment on combat / mout vehicles is questionable.
  15. Link to a Seattle Times article about a Fort Lewis Stryker unit being deployed to Ewe-topia so that (among other things), Stryker soldiers can improve their animal husbandry. The recently completely urban warfare training center, Leschi Town (MOUT?)at Fort Lewis includes a five story office building and farm, but not the 70 sheep that Eww-topia offers, thus filling an apparently vital yet hard to predict need in the medium-weight brigade concept. Please note that a photo-opportunity will be provided after the training exercise -- if this is open to the public, I am sorely tempted to check it out. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2002647447_sheep26m.html
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