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  1. I bought CMBB a long time ago and never played much. Bought it again and did the same. Now I bought CMBB and CMAK on GOG but life is very busy for the next year unfortunately so I am only dabbling with small scenarios vs the AI. So unfortunately I haven't got into operations yet. Maybe in the future.

    We used to play Squad Battles some years ago I believe.

  2. 3 hours ago, landser said:

    Over the weekend I dove in head first and played through three or four CMBB Operations. Good stuff. Running CMBB in 1920x1080 seems like witchcraft. But it all plays great, runs great.

    It brings back so many good memories, starting a battle or operation and seeing the map and reacting like "I remember this one!".

    It plays differently than CMx2 of course, and some things are missed as CMx2 spoiled me in some ways. Spotting, as mentioned, is the biggest difference for me. What I wouldn't give to transpose relative spotting in to CMx1!

    Command delay is a great feature I think, especially on the East Front, where it has a telling effect. I miss the more robust artillery mechanics from the newer games too.

    On the other hand, I like how you can plot indirect fire on areas of the map with no LOS. It was one of my first complaints when playing my first CMx2 game. In CMx1 you can drop rounds for instance anywhere, regardless of LOS. See a crossroads on the map that you want to shell? Have at it. Accuracy is affected as the fall of shot is unobserved perhaps. But it can be done. In CMx2 it's tied too strictly to LOS.

    A perfect example is an AT gun poking through a hedgerow on the other side of a field. You place a mortar in a hedge with LOS to the opposite one and call for fire. Round after round drops 5 feet short. You cannot place the fire just behind the hedge since you cannot see it. 

    Mortar fire for example should be allowed anywhere within the weapon's range, with of course accuracy penalties for unobserved fall of shot. As it is I can't shell that crossroads on my map because I can't see it through the copse of woods. But it's right there on my map! Can't I transmit co-ordinates or something, like over the radio?  Any object should be considered an aiming stake for indirect fire. Even if I know that place is full of enemy, I can't get mortar rounds in there unless I can see the spot. I can't lob rounds over that barn to hit troops behind it if the mortar squad or a spotter cannot see that ground. In CMx1 you can, with varying degrees of accuracy, and that's good in my view.

    Can anyone point me with a link to the best places to grab Operations for CMx1 games?

    See http://www.the-scenario-depot.com/ (scenario depot 2 so to say; 3 is for the newer games).

    Scenarios link near the top allows you to search for Battles or Operations with a ton of filtering criteria.


  3. 5 hours ago, KenMech said:

    Here you GerryCMBB, I am pack rat and have a hard time deleting anything :)



    CMBB xls.zip 269.9 kB · 0 downloads


    I am glad you are a pack rat!

    Would you have them for CMAK and CMBO too?

    I am getting blank sheets by the way. When I select all and go to change to a black font I can see the data is there but when I actually change the font then it is a blank gray screen. I am using Excel 2019 so maybe a problem with old workbooks?

    Thanks again.


  4. Hello:

    I see this symbol and he seems to indicate a possible enemy unit, in this case a crew but it has been used for Infantry too. Using the gog version of the game. I did not have the original CMAK so I am wondering if this is a standard symbol or some graphics anomaly?



  5. On 7/12/2019 at 6:48 AM, Thewood1 said:

    I am assuming you saw I bought them on Gog.  They are fully patched.  Why not just go there and take a look?  I am not sure your point.

    Thanks for letting us know about gog. I just saw now in a comment that it is patched only to 1.03 which should be fine they say. I bought it. Thanks again.

    The reason I asked about patches was, if you see the other threads, people have trouble getting it patched depending on how they acquired the game.

  6. On 6/23/2019 at 6:35 PM, Thewood1 said:

    I saw the comments about CMBB and CMAK available on gog.com for $6 each.  Thought, what the heck?  Bought them and was immediately reminded why I have such fond memories.  To me, they are much more of a joy to play than CM2.  CM2 has a lot going for it, but the slow pace of development and patches has soured me on them a little.  The refurbished CMBB and CMAK are a breath of fresh air, if you can get around the clunky mouse interface.

    The thing that really shocked me was the smoothness of running the game on a modern system.  Its glass smooth relative to CM2.  and the little dxcfg program  that gog includes with the game actually makes a very big difference in texture quality.  Is it the same level of graphics quality as CM2 game...absolutely not.  But the gog versions install with no hassle, no DRM keys, no errors, and stable as hell.

    I have an i7-8750 with a GFX 1070 and in a mid-sized game of CM2 its still a little choppy on mid-settings.  In CMBB and CMAK, it doesn't even tickle the fan on my laptop.  Again, it lacks a lot of the modern sophistication, but its a lot friendlier to my laptop.  And the scope of WW2 combat they cover is so much more than all the CM2 WW2 titles.  As more modules eventually come out for CMRT and maybe CMFI, I'll get drawn back to CM2.  But for now, I am going to hang with my old friends for a bit.

    Which version of CMAK did you get? Was it the fully patched 1.04 version? Thanks.

    The CMx1 games are still not available in the new Battlefront store.

  7. On 9/25/2018 at 10:06 AM, Blazing 88's said:

    Just stumbled upon your post...  I checked my backup and I have this zip file PDF collection of 'Poor Old Spike'  tests of various conditions in CMx1 games.  You may find it of interest as well as maybe find an answer to the 'HT move through scattered trees' question, not sure though.  Here is a dropbox link for the zip file, I will keep active for now: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x26llrcnuqfmq5a/PoorOldSpike_PDF.zip?dl=0

    Thanks. You gave me that link sometime ago! I found it helpful. For example I had a German infantry squad killed a T-34 with a grenade bundle or Panzerwurfmine - cannot recall. Spike showed the distance you needed to close to, to make this work. Thanks again.

  8. 15+ Turns and it's a small map - from the StuG to the building it is only about 215m. So your idea seems very good. I was wondering what to do with the HT as it only has a 37mm gun so I thought they meant for you to tow the Gun somewhere.

    One of my problems always is how to know if you will have LOS from somewhere. So I have a MG34. I could move it through the scattered tress to the house I suppose as that is on a rise so I "should" have LOS to the village from there. How do you try and find places for things like MGs in a scenario like this.

    The HT can carry a team so I suppose I could carry the MG team in the HT to the house area?

    Is there any resource that tells you how fast HT move through scattered trees?

    Thanks very much.

  9. Hello:

    (I know that most CMx1 forums are fairly quiet these days so hope it is OK to post this here as well as on Blitz.)

    Not great at these games but I am still dabbling a bit with CMBB and was wondering if you could help me figure out how to approach Gefechtsaufklaerung as the attacking Germans.

    Here is the map. 

    I have an on-board IFH18 105mm artillery piece with HE and 3S. Plus I have an Sdkfz 251/10 command HT. There are scattered tress around the road in the setup area. The house on the right is on a rise. Also have a StuG IIIB.

    Do you leave the Gun in the setup area (best LOS is then when it is placed on the road in the setup area). Or do you tow it somewhere with the Sdkfz?

    I am struggling to see how to use these tools at my disposal. Any help much appreciated.




  10. 6 hours ago, Schrullenhaft said:

    What are you comparing the 'open ground' terrain bitmaps to ? Here's a Youtube video of a CMBB game and I assume your terrain looks much like this ?:


    CM1 series games generally stretched out bitmaps for the ground and were often of lower quality. I'm not certain how much better they may look with mods of higher resolution replacements (and the performance effect they may have).

    Both your Asus ZenBook and the MS Surface Pro 3 utilize Intel video (CPU integrated), but of different generations. I don't have any machines that are running 3rd Generation or higher Intel integrated video and Windows 10, so I don't have the exact environment to compare. I might have one I can setup next week with an i3 3rd generation and see what kind of results I get with it (though it is an earlier generation compared to what you have with the MS Surface Pro 3).

    Thanks. Maybe mine doesn't look so bad then. I will try and add the terrain mod that I have on my Windows 7 computer. So please don't go setting up a test for me. I will play around with it. Thanks again.

  11. 1 hour ago, GerryCMBB said:

    Can you remind me how to access  the license program/site so I can free up one install. Thanks.

    Ignore this as I figured it out.

    I installed it on the Surface Pro 3 + Windows 10, set to XP SP3 Compatibility, and got 1024 x 768 resolution. Good as I can see more of the map as compared to 800x600. BUT the terrain seems very power quality. The Open Ground terrain looks really poor. Any idea why this might me?

    (Didn't do anything with DLLs on this computer).


  12. 48 minutes ago, IsaacLightning said:

    Basically the game runs very slow at first and I heard that alt tabbing and going back in fixes this. Problem is that tabbing back in makes the screen go all black for me, and I can't play. What do I do?

    I assume you left the game at the menu? What I found is I have to mouse over the bottom part of the screen where the buttons for Join Multiplayer, Exit, etc are. When you mouse over, the buttons come alive and you can click them.

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