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  1. Berlin Crisis that's where i would start it 2. or arround the Berlin Blockade.
  2. Ohh i wouldn't be able to make it. someone else would have to do that
  3. Can u Create a Cold war mod for this game?
  4. Hey push it back to May 8 VE day my BDay. j/k
  5. ohh i did that sig a loong time ago anyways put new one up
  6. Wrong Forum [ May 10, 2008, 09:23 PM: Message edited by: Chad44 ]
  7. i love events the make the game sorta like HOI.love em make you feel like the president
  8. With the new pacth will multiplayer have a lobby now?
  9. Where do you download mods at .and which one is the best
  10. ahh yes multiplayer would be very fun like the old sudden strike day or blitzkrieg today fun fun fun.
  11. 2 battlefront games with crap FPS TOW and this game ..
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