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  1. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by mike8g: Here's a pic of a very high fire: One time only, could not reproduce it.<hr></blockquote> Mike: What grass and wheat mod are those? I would love to have my hands on them...
  2. Got a New 3d Card, and my fog works..!!!!!!!! I am so happy.... [ 01-05-2002: Message edited by: Fieldmarshall ]</p>
  3. okay, sorry bout this, but I need your help: I am as of now working on a very historical battle, that took place during Operation Varsity: The Battle of Burp Gun Corner, a few of you may of read about it in Crossing the Rhine with the 17th Airborne. Well I am working on it, and the battle takes place in segments dawn, day and night, so should I do several battles or one operation, which would be best? Thank you kindly to any assist --Niles
  4. DELETE THIS its a double [ 12-29-2001: Message edited by: Fieldmarshall ]</p>
  5. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Colonel_Deadmarsh: I'd like to see a WWII grand strategy game from BTS. That would be cool. Hell, I'd like to see a grand strategy WWII game from anybody. I don't think there are any around.<hr></blockquote> Ahem, I can not just let that pass un answered me-laddio..I would like to bring to attention: Avalon Hills: Empire of the Rising Sun Avalon Hills: Third Reich !!World In Flames!!
  6. You are looking for Gary "The Maltese" I have his e-mail: GDMalta@aol.com
  7. Vengeance or Victory has now been updated...to 1.12. Typos in the text etc. Map errors and some playtesting have all been sanded out of block if you will. Come & Get it (& Review it) at the scenario depot.
  8. I must agree, I have found little time for scenario design (the best part) over the past couple of weeks..and even less for scenario play. I just spend almost two weeks on one of my newer scenarios, and thats because my free time is fleeting, along with my other hobbies/work I have to fit in CM, and that gets diffecult. Also, on the issue of historical scenarios, it is almost impossible with the limits of the editor to create even a really good outline of what really happend...e.g. the buildings are probably the most limited part of the editor, and unique buildings can in many historical scenarios be hard to improvise. A perfect example is Remagen, I have yet to see an accurate Remagen scenario. Short & to the point scenarios are great, now that I have so little time, but every so often I like to sit down on the Computer, and enjoy a large operation or battle, unfortunatily...those days are now sparce well thats my 2 cents -Niles
  9. Okay ladies and gentleman. I have just completed my largest scenario on a 1600 x 1600 map, I spent almost a week on it. I focused on many details, and I hope all will enjoy it. It has about 3000 -4000 points combined. Armor, infantry, you name it. So far its been a real slugfest, but I need more people to test it before its released. Vegeance or Victory is also undergoing some renovation, and the 1.12 version should be released soon! --Niles
  10. The ME 262 was the best looking plane of the war, closely followed by the P-51
  11. Ok extremely detailed map, 1600 x 1600, April 1945, northwest of Paderborn, takes place in the last days of the Ruhr Pocket, I need it tested and over viewed, any takers? --Niles
  12. What do you think was the worst looking AVF? I say the Churchill AVRE gets my vote...
  13. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Tanaka: I'm not a 1st language English speaker... but, after reading your post a few times I'm trying very hard to see something ok with it... and I can't. I'm not sure what your are trying to say/want or wish to explain... but try put your own country/state flag on it, and you will see how I feel [ 12-18-2001: Message edited by: Tanaka ]<hr></blockquote> Nah, I am just having a little laugh, implying that the Germans are dominating the European Union, not to suggest that Germany will once again commit genocide etc. it just says that germany will soon be the only real leader in the EU, not the French...not to say that anyone will be slaughtered.
  14. Fine we will come up with a more politically correct term than Zone of Control..how about Sphere of Influence???? Also, those stupid kraut hypocrites, the next replacement for the German flag is displayed below: [ 12-18-2001: Message edited by: Fieldmarshall ] [ 12-18-2001: Message edited by: Fieldmarshall ] [ 12-19-2001: Message edited by: Fieldmarshall ]</p>
  15. no no..victory flags, are way to small in scale to amount to anything realistic, I mean 50 x 50 meters, with true control, not putting an HQ unit on it, and winning the game.
  16. Okay, this might just be my opinion, but Victory Flags, just don't do it for me in battles. I believe, that you should have a "zone of control" option (or Flag also for certain battles etc.) but I think a ZoC option would give more of a challenge to the player because, instead of holding a little 3 x 3 meter sector of land you can get you a Total victory when you really don't deserve it, and it causes those damn flag rushes..which I must admit I am guilty of. These flags can in most cases but not all(therefor dont get rid of them..just limit their use)create an a-historical situation, I beleive that if you have a flag to mark a crossroad, then implement a zone of controll, which is the scenario designers choosing..say by simaler way the set-up zones are created in the editor. Then, certain conditions have to be met in order to completely hold that "ZoC" and that would give the player more victory points, instead of placing a dippy empty spotter on or near a flag and winning...this would provide a much needed challenge to the game, and would have great effects on urban battles. But dont get rid of the flags, they are great for bridges and things... whos with me!? BTS LETS HAVE ZONE OF CONTROL!!! --Niles
  17. During a 6 Battle operation, I had One King tiger survive all six, and kill 78 infantry through all six(kept a talley) 9 Enemy Shermans throughout.I LOVE hull down for KTs...and 4 Allied guns, that bastard deserves the Knights Cross!
  18. I already posted a topic exactly like this..where have you BEEN!? Naw just kidding, I do believe BTS said they would include captured T-34s for both early and late war. --Niles
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