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  1. your not alone mate,im having a very tough game on the same battle. my arty wasnt too accurate either on this map. this is an excellent scenario,a very tough task for jerry to secure some ground in this battle. red devils earn their rep in this one.
  2. indeed,so they say.....for a few years now not happy jan
  3. its driving me crazy.im starting to think i need to avoid bridge maps entirely. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5nS6j0X_n0&feature=youtu.be this clip is in a current game im playing against Spjut from Bob. i havent got the heart to post whats happening on the bridges you cant see in this clip.needless to say when a touch of enemy fire is involved,its pandamonium. i've also got some serious reservations about building entry points in another battle,which i'll post in a relevant thread. anyone care to comment on this bridging technique?
  4. so far personally only noticed this in CMRT,but,as its a command style i use regularly,it shouldnt be too long before the opportunity arises in CMBN 3.10 to see for myself
  5. i havent noticed any issues with vehicles,only an infantry squad
  6. good,thanks for clearing that up mate cheers
  7. i woudnt have thought so. i probably have a save.thought id try and replicate it first edit,i will try the target briefly aswell,good idea As an aside. there wasnt/isnt just a lone squad marching towards the contact.the rest of the company was/is close at hand.15 secs was plenty,they were not in a good position to survive.one got away i think but he cant go far:)
  8. yep,thats the way i remember it. i'll try again in future turns and see if its a reproducable can we get this moved to CMRT please?
  9. ah crap,this needs to be moved to the CMRT section sorry
  10. right,heres one that may need a look at playing an Assault QB. advancing with a squad,near the end of the turn they spot an enemy squad in the tree line about 50 yards ahead. so, beginning the next plot,i target the enemy and add a pause command for 15 seconds to the previously plotted move forward turn ie.as they are moving i pause for 15 seconds while targeting the unit in question,expecting to route them and then continue on. well,to my suprise,they didnt fire until the pause limit expired.then they starting firing and moving. is this right? i cant remember seeing this before in the other CMs? i wouldve expected them to fire and then move on?
  11. First rd of the Bagration Cup tourny at BoB,which i am playing in and is still ongoing.
  12. i's like to see an overhaul of the TCP hook up to something a bit more user friendly.hasnt changed since CMBO and is quite frankly still annoyingly difficult to use. many of my friends whom are just casual gamers cant figure out how to host,even with some guidance they eventually call *too hard lets play something else*
  13. Seems the DIF site and server are still down,any chance of someone restarting it or whatever is required please?
  14. that"s the general idea so,the obvious questions that will no doubt flood in will be. what are you shooting at? is it hull down? what are you hunting it with? but as a general tip,assuming you have the firepower to reasonably achieve the desired result. Ignore it if you can and try to force it to change position by maneuvering elsewhere on the map. if you must engage it,more assets you can direct to it the better,this includes small arms fire,mortars HMG,etc using the pause function to time asset arrival is handy,use for getting the enemy shooting at something else while you move to fire at it with your designated assets. other than that,we'd need a screenshot or 2 of the position,if you want more indepth advice.
  15. H2H is the only way to fly mate you'll learn more playing a human in a few games than otherwise imo plenty of clubs around to join to help you find similar skill players welcome aboard
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