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  1. LOL...right...but not due to spacetime changing around them
  2. Hi, I realize criticizing this game is blasphemous but I simply cannot stay quiet on this... Having vehicles crossing the large Arnhem bridge is ridiculously painful due to the pathetic bugs in the code. How the hell did this escape testing? I observe vehicles dropping off the bridge onto whatever's below and then back on the bridge...rinse and repeat. I also observe vehicles stuck in the same spot on the bridge moving forward then instantly back, repeating this forever. These issues will probably never get fixed but they should as these bugs totally detract
  3. When playing CMFB snow scenarios, I noticed that the King Tiger's white wash reverts to camo when you pan out and reverts back to proper whitewash when you pan back in. A minor issue but a noticeable one. See screenshots below:
  4. my bad...I should have posted this in tech support...apologies for the wasted bandwidth Rob
  5. Hi Folks, I did search for the answer to this but before posting this perhaps my search keys were just not adequate... At any rate, for reasons I shall not get into, I had to re-install Windows 7 on a new drive. I had The latest'n greatest CMBN(all modules, packs, etc. rev'd to v3.11) installed and am trying to accomplish the same on this new system Here's my issue: I recall discussion about being able to install from v3 or some such to pick up the latest of everything and go from there...could some kind soul clarify this for me? I tried installing from scratch from th
  6. Hi, I just played "Frosty's Welcome" as the German in the MG module and noticed a couple of what I would call major problems: When my tanks crossed under the bridge they suddenly popped up on top of the bridge When a vehicle crossed from the other side (I added a few German vehicles on the south side of the bridge) it stood a fair chance of suddenly appearing under the bridge in the river I'm not sure if anyone's aver noticed that behaviour before but I see it consistently. I searched the forums and didn't see a post regarding it so I'm posting my findings now. My e
  7. Thanks MikeyD...glad it's just a version numbering issue and not a technical one. I agree Hister, the convention is *very* confusing especially to those of us who are not following the game development as closely as some. :-)
  8. Hi, I just bought and installed the CMBN V3.00 upgrade on top of a CMBN patched to V2.12 on my PC. I installed and activated it with no issues but now I see V2.20 in the game start screen. Could someone shed some light on this for me? Thanks, Rob
  9. Thanks for saving me the grief Mord
  10. ok...so how does one get those pesky red berets on british airborne units?
  11. Thanks Tashtego...that got me going...:-)
  12. Folks, I have V2.12 of CMBN running on a Windows 7 box... Ok, many uniform mods simply don't work for me...e.g. I place afolder called "german soldier m43" with files like "german-uniform-m43 1.bmp" into my data/Z folder and then start the game and use a scenario/quick battle which uses regular army and I don't see them??? I've rezexploded all of the brz files which came with the game to validate the specific bmp file names and they *should* work...but...alas...they don't. Perhaps I'm doing something basically wrong...although I don't believe I am... Could someone please a
  13. I played a game many years ago called "TacOps" which allowed mid-scenario editing. You couldn't change terrain *but* you could change current on-map unit positions. You could also add/remove units (including off-map assets). I realize that this type of feature would not be welcomed by everyone (simply don't use it if you don't like it) but I liked it a lot and it enhanced my game play experience. So, is this even a remote possibility for the future of CMx2? I doubt it will *ever* come to CMx2 but I thought I'd ask anyways. Cheers, Rob
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