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CMBO: special edition and Indeo codec

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I recently picked up a copy of the CMBO special edition in my local Electronics Boutique store and I've been having a few issues with it. The first issue is that after installation, the first time I tried to run it, it started then popped up a windows error that I was missing a video codec. The codec is available, but for a $15 price tag. Using shift to toggle the intro movie bypassed this, though I found it strange that a non-free codec would be required.

The second issue is that even though the manual mentions a quicktime intro movie I am unable to find it in the program directory. The only movie file available is a small, 15 second, avi file which requires the Indeo codec. Is this file embedded into the game in some manner or does it not exist in the special edition version? Is there any way to view the intro without running into the codec error?

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To be honest, I am not sure if the short intro video we used for CMBO is included in the Special Edition or not. There is a good chance that it's not. In any case, it was not using Indeo codec, but IIRC, QuickTime.

What might be using Indeo is CDV's intro video, and 15 sec seems about right for that as well. There *should* be free downloads for the codec on the internet, but even if not, you're not missing much smile.gif


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